Add a social media tool to your toolbox this week

It seems that almost every day I discover another social media book, blog, or concept that I would love to spend hours, if not days digging into. I follow a few experts on Twitter, including Paul Gillin and Chris Brogan, and could easily spend an entire day exploring their links and comments.

I recently committed to spending time each week exploring and mastering a new tool. A few weeks ago I started adding photos to Flickr, a photo sharing tool (my screen name is perrinmcc if you want to check out some pictures). Yesterday I dug into Delicious, a social bookmarking site you can use to manage and share bookmarks (username also perrinmcc, not too many links yet).

Take a moment today to explore a tool that intrigues you. Not sure where to start? Check out this fantastic list posted by Chris Brogan: 50 ways marketers can use social media to improve their marketing. Let me know which one you pick.

Perrin McCormick

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Perrin McCormick joined Hart-Boillot in 2004 as an Account Coordinator in the Public Relations department. She quickly worked her way up to Account Manager and now serves as Account Director, managing client relationships and helping clients define their communication strategies. Although she currently focuses her attention on PR accounts, Perrin has used her project management and communication skills to successfully manage numerous design projects, including both Web and print work.

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