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Chuck’s clients rely on his expertise to help set strategy that combines content, social and media to reach customers, partners, investors and prospects. His clients include technology and manufacturing companies of all sizes and directions, from major manufacturing companies like Heidelberg, the printing giant, to consumer-facing startups like CoupFlip. Along the way he has worked with cloud computing, IT security, document management, content management, open source, energy and even food products.

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PR: Moving Beyond the Dead Channel

last place champs ed

If you overuse a communications channel, it doesn’t work. You don’t need to look any farther than your email inbox to see that. Remember when getting an email was an exciting occurrence? You loved that little ping. Now, we turn off notifications, it’s a drag. Too much! As a kid we begged to get mail, […]

7 Reasons Pay-for-Placement PR Rips Off Start-ups


For start-ups, the allure of a pay-for-placements situation is obvious: they just want media coverage, why pay when they don’t get it? Recently I heard from a company (I won’t name them) that wanted to involve me in a pay for placements concept.

It’s a bad deal for everyone.

5 Things I Learned at the PRSA International Conference


Putting a few hundred PR people into a room together is a scenario ripe for self-parody, but that’s the premise of the PRSA International conference. PRSA’s work to advance the efforts of communicators is no joking matter, however. I came back from the Philadelphia conclave with a fist full of notes, a pocket full of […]

N2 = Innovation!

Brainstorm ideas!

Building a honeypot for innovation isn’t as easy as slapping a fancy name on something and walking away. It takes leadership to bring people together and consistent, sustained effort to make the changes necessary to attract business.

That’s why last night HB sponsored the kickoff meeting for the N2 Innovation Corridor.

Balancing Eyeballs, Wrecking Balls and Hardballs: Journalistic Integrity and Native Advertising


Newsrooms always put up a solid wall between the business and journalistic sides of publishing. This wasn’t something imposed by readers, viewers or listeners, but by the newsrooms themselves. For journalists it was a point of ethics, and they spent many hours discussing the ethics of influence. Today those barriers are falling with paid and editorial content mixed on the digital page. But if people don’t really notice or care when something is sponsored as opposed to editorially independent, then what happens to the quality, breadth and depth of the news they receive? How can they make informed decisions if the information itself comes from paid sources?

Does Content Marketing Need a Stronger Ethical Standard?

Chuck Todd

As NBC’s Chief Whitehouse Correspondent Chuck Todd has one of the highest profile positions in political journalism. Not only does he get access to power and a front seat to history, but he gets to bring those stories to one of the last major media organizations left standing. And he gets to do it wearing […]

Finding True Clout

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking at PRSA’s Counselors Academy event in Austin. Besides having a great time with other industry folks (including a sunset cruise on the last night to see Austin’s famous bats), this is one event that I try to make every year. It’s proven valuable in helping run Fresh […]

Rise of Photography, Decline of the Staff Photographer and the Role for PR

It’s an odd thing when the world finally embraces what you do as a necessary skill, then lays you off. That’s essentially what happened to about 20 photographers who, until this week, worked as photojournalists for the Chicago Sun Times. They will be replaced by iPhone weilding writers, freelancer and citizens armed with various methods […]

5 Tips for Before You Put Out "News"

How social media is taking over the news industry

Despite repeated attempts to kill it, or change it, the “Press Release” remains alive and well. In a way it remains shorthand for “we have news.” For many companies it’s almost like a security blanket. Quite often the first thing I hear from a client with news is “what should be our timing for the […]

Paid content: Are you selling sponsorships or your soul?

What Buzzfeed does is fascinating. I’m not just talking about the lists that seem to capture viral attention, but they way the site blends editorial content (PR people often call it “earned media”) with content paid for directly by marketing dollars. I touched on this in a previous post, but I should note that the […]