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Chuck’s clients rely on his expertise to help set strategy that combines content, social and media to reach customers, partners, investors and prospects. His clients include technology and manufacturing companies of all sizes and directions, from major manufacturing companies like Heidelberg, the printing giant, to consumer-facing startups like CoupFlip. Along the way he has worked with cloud computing, IT security, document management, content management, open source, energy and even food products.

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Do you need parking for coworking?

One of the great things about working at HB is the chance to set down a laptop in a place like Greentown Labs. The team loves the time we spend there, not just because of the Bevi machine, but because of the energy within its walls. It’s just great to work among so many smart […]

How to Train Your Rock Star in 11 Easy Steps

Congratulations to Julia Bucchianeri!  She recently won the Striker Award, which honors the top young PR person in New England. This is no small feat, as the award attracts a lot of attention. Just being good at your job isn’t enough to win. I’ve been honored to work with and help train two people who […]

Seeing the Unseen: A guide to understanding media

When it comes to media, what we don’t see matters as much as what appears. Of course, how do you know what you don’t see? Every journalist leaves some great quotes and details behind in order to create a good story. It doesn’t mean they leave out relevant facts, it just means they need to […]

PR Community: Let’s Help Save America

The hidden peril of the snow that has buried the northeast is the potholes that come out as winter melts away. Of course, this year the potholes are already out in full force. Last week, while driving in Newton, Mass., I saw a pothole on a concrete portion of a main road that revealed the […]

Brand Lessons from Tom Brady’s Resume

On Thursday, Tom Brady found and posted an old resume. Yes, that Tom Brady. The one with 3 Superbowl Rings, a model for a wife, great looking kids and always in need of a real High 5. But what’s most interesting about the resume is how distant it is from his current brand. The image […]

It’s Not Easy Being a Green Apple: 3 Cleantech Lessons from the iPhone 6 Announcement

When branding a sustainability, clean energy or cleantech company, it’s important to keep the true buyer in mind. If you are marketing to a checkbox item, then you’re not core to the business making your sales position weak. Worse, your value proposition won’t enable you to charge a fair price for your products, since “nice to haves” are cheaper than those products that speak to core business needs.

Apple demonstrated that in its iPhone 6 announcement.

When Smog Clogs Cleantech

The PR world is abuzz with the Guardian headline from last week, proclaiming that the world’s top PR firms won’t represent climate deniers. “World’s Top PR Firms Rule Out Working with Climate Deniers” the UK-based publication declared. It’s a great headline, even if the story is not nearly as black and white.

We represent cleantech clients here at HB as part of our Energy and Sustainability practice and sometimes you need to trust your gut when hearing the claims.

Market Basket: This isn’t a PR Problem

If you live anywhere in metro Boston, you’ve heard about the Market Basket issue. To the uninitiated the basics are this: Market Basket is a regional grocery chain owned by a single family. The chain had been owned by two brothers and split evenly, but when one brother, George, died, his heirs thought they would […]

Top 5 Things I Learned from the Watergate Break-In

What if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein needed to fight for clicks? Would they have had to break their Watergate stories into a series of listicles? Would that make for better journalism?

Harvesting News Without a Release: Your Press Release Isn’t the Right Tool for the Job

Vibrant, exciting companies like Grove Labs drive the Boston start up world. Born out of an MIT dorm the Grove Labs team aims to do nothing less than transform the way the world grows and eats food. They’re not creating an app that lets you find the best locally-grown organic vegetables, their goal is help you grow your own organic vegetables in the locality of your kitchen.

So when they wanted to announce funding news, HB’s advice was almost counter-intuitive for them: don’t bother putting out a release, but you’ll still get covered.