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Justin prides himself on developing campaigns that use simple, clear messaging to accomplish measurable returns for HB clients. He utilizes content strategy and responsive design to develop robust digital experiences across desktops and mobile devices.

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“Who’s gonna pay for what’s inside my brain?” A chat with Matthew Gustavsen

The HB Interview Series re-introduces HB employees to our audiences. Justin Hastings, Interactive Strategist at HB, spoke with Matt Gustavsen, a Creative Strategist at HB. He’s a Massachusetts lifer who grew up on the south shore and went to school at UMass Dartmouth. Matt discusses his upbringing and how he became a designer.

Gut versus data – the eternal question

I used to be a math geek. When I was a grade school and high school student, I displayed advanced behaviors with regards to numbers and their interrelationships. I nearly attended a technical university in order to continue exploring mathematics. Funny track for a designer, no?

What I learned at An Event Apart

I attended An Event Boston with fellow HBers Ian and Adam. The event helps bring together folks who make websites – from designers, to developers, UI practitioners, and everyone in between. I summarized some key findings from the event. Have a read over on Medium.

Designing Fox’s Super Bowl Broadcast: Go Big!

The network broadcasting the Super Bowl has the unenviable task of delivering a flawless game presentation. Last night, Fox needed to deliver a broadcast for both football junkies and those simply there for the commercials. How did they stack up?

Long live long form

With every cyclical web trend, there’s an equal and opposite re-trend. The latest: publishers, entertainers, and content creators diving full force into long-form content…and mobile and design have a lot to do with it.

Elevating Design

An Event Apart describes itself as “the conference for people who make web sites,” but this year it could have been “the conference that stresses and elevates the value of designers.” The two-day event offers a wide range of topics, from an incredibly technical session on reducing page loads by milliseconds, to a broad overview on the future roles of designers across business.

Communications Lessons from a Sigur Ros Concert

If you missed Sigur Ros on tour this month, boy did you miss out! In the last week this internationally famous rock band from Iceland headlined at Madison Square Garden and the Agganis Area, wowing crowds with their spectacular soundscapes; perfectly choreographed with energetic light shows and videos. Last night I had the privilege of […]

Focus is happiness – what I learned from Ikea

Ikea prides itself on “functional home furnishing products,” building a massive business and in-store experience in the United States since 1985…

Google Glass and PR Superpowers

I often lie awake at night thinking, “What one superpower would make us PR practitioners better at what we do?” What if we could fly between a meeting in New York City to one in San Francisco in minutes, or even better, predict every single story a reporter was going to write? Sure, these abilities […]

Ain’t nobody fresher than my click

“If you’re constantly tweaking and tailoring your website for natural search success, doesn’t it also stand to reason that this diminished focus on your website’s users creates an environment…