Katherine Eckenfels

About Katherine Eckenfels

Katherine creates stunning visuals to complement and illustrate our clients stories. Katherine gives life to her graphics with a combination of depth, color, and texture. Her internship experiences in both digital and print media have prepared her to tailor each project to the client’s unique business drivers. Recently emerged from Virginia Tech, Katherine holds degrees in Visual Communication Design and German, and she recently completed an internship in a very cool German agency.

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Networking for Introverts: 7 Tips for Your Next Event

Have you ever been uncomfortable in a room full of people? Do you revel in the thought of just reading a book by yourself on a Friday night after a long week? Do you get more accomplished alone than in a group? You might be an introvert. Introversion often gets confused with shyness, but being […]

Almost Missing My Flight Restored My Faith in Humanity

It’s 6:25 p.m. and the back of my neck is prickling with sweat. My flight leaves in 17 minutes. Not boarding, leaving. In the 30 minutes that have elapsed since being in line, I have moved approximately 12 feet closer to the TSA official checking IDs and boarding passes. I start doing the math. If […]

5 Ways the Corporate “Ladder” Is More Like Rock Climbing

Written by Katherine Eckenfels and Erin Mooney We have all heard the phrase “climbing the corporate ladder.” Many believe career advancement looks like clear-cut rungs that lead straight upward. However, sometimes this path can be a wall full of different options and problems at varying levels – kind of like rock climbing. You learn the […]

Get Out and Create.

While walking around Harvard Square during MayFair, I happened upon a slew of artists drawing on the pavement. Normally, I would just appreciate the art and continue walking. This time, I wanted in. The sun was out, a live band was playing and it had been too long since I had created spontaneous art. “Hi, […]

Oh Snap! The Game Has Arrived.

Introducing Totally Safe For Work, the game that helps you engage with your team members, clients and industry peers. TSFW provides lively brainstorming, team-building and networking opportunities. We’re so excited about TSFW, we even made a video about it! Share your funniest combinations and card suggestions with us on Twitter @hb_agency using #TSFW.

Hypnotized by the Black Keys

Beneath your feet the stands start rumbling. The stadium is hazily illuminated by hundreds of smart phone lights. Shouts are deafening and your throat is already hoarse, but you keep cheering for them to come back out. And then it happens. Lights burst back on as guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney walk across […]

Everyday I’m Side Hustlin’

When my passion bubbles up and inspiration strikes – I have to create. Yet, my design style and feminist voice rarely fit our client’s needs. As a creative outlet for these bursts of happy inspiration, I am creating a blog called 90 Days of Design. Every day for the next three months, I will be […]

The 5 Best Integrated Campaigns from the Super Bowl

What makes a campaign great? Something funny or memorable may get shares and likes on Facebook, but does it change the mind of the viewer? How can companies show that their products are relevant to today’s consumers?

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: Our Favorite Holiday Recipes

At HB, we love to create and share ideas with each other and our clients. This expands beyond the realm of marketing and sometimes we find ourselves in the kitchen, concocting new creations. Here are a few of our personal favorites for you to test out this holiday season! Coquito (or, Puerto Rican Eggnog) By […]