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The Marketing Time Capsule – What has a place in the future? What should remain buried in the past?

In middle school I was given the easiest homework assignment ever – write a letter to my future self.

Years later, the summer before I went off to college, I received the note from the middle school me. With no recollection of what I wrote, I opened the letter to find myself gushing about my favorite boy band (no shame in admitting it, I was a huge ‘N Sync fan), my best friends and family, and what college I planned on attending.

I laughed when I read the questions I asked myself. Are Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake still together? Do you still hang out with your best friend Rachael? Where are you going to college?

Now that I’m a professional in the marketing and communications field, I re-read my letter through a different lens, and made a few conclusions my grade school self would not have thought of:

  • Trends don’t last forever. It’s still hard to conceive that ‘N Sync no longer rules the airways.
  • Relationships matter. Friends and family are as critical to me now as they were years ago. Even my best friend from more than a decade ago is still my best friend now.
  • Predicting the future is hard. My life and career path could have gone in so many different directions. The influences that brought me to where I am today were unknown to me, and I’m sure a different decision or two in the past would have changed me (though I’m very happy where I’m at now)!

FutureM will debate the future of marketing as we perceive it today. Topics range from digital marketing, mobile technology and social media measurement, as well as debating whether or not traditional marketing as we know it is dead.

But do we really know what the future of marketing holds? What are current hot marketing trends that will be obsolete in five, 10 or 20 years? Which marketing practices have staying power? Advertising? PR? Digital? All of the above? Or none of them? And what does the future hold that we just can’t accurately predict right now?

Share your thoughts below. Maybe your idea(s) will become a discussion topic at HB’s UnPanel at FutureM. Or maybe it will go into some sort of marketing time capsule that some future version of ourselves can enjoy years from now.

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30 for 30: Lessons on life on a birthday milestone

Last week, I turned 30. Holy crap. Needless to say, I haven’t figured out much. However, I’ve learned enough to build a goofy list of tips to share. Here goes!

1. You can only have so many passions. You can’t do everything. Stick to 2-4 passions and really immerse yourself. And, yes, they can change over time.
2. Read as much as possible.
3. Stay in shape.
4. Get rid of your stuff. You can focus more on your goals and passions with less clutter and belongings in your living space. Now if I could only convince my wife…
5. Value sleep.
6. Enjoy an expensive bottle of wine from time to time.
7. Buy small – cars and houses – instead of large.
8. Vacation is for vacation. You can either work during your entire vacation, or not at all. Nothing in between.
9. Take care of your wardrobe.
10. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Better yet – eat multiple healthy meals everyday.
11. Mow your lawn.
12. Take pride in your manners. Please and thank you go a long way.
13. Spend money on books, not television.
14. Attend as many weddings as possible. They are the height of human emotion.
15. Keep a clean house.
16. Tell your parents you love them.
17. Store an extra toothbrush and toothpaste at work.
18. Embrace new technology offerings. Don’t complain about the latest feature or change on Facebook; test it and own it.
19. Challenge your loved ones and co-workers to be better.
20. Invest in a pet project outside of work – write a book, design a web site, or shoot photos.
21. Take up golf. Doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow… but it’s a lifetime sport that helps develop a sense of hard work and accomplishment.
22. Learn the basics of cooking.
23. Visit DisneyWorld at least once. It’s the happiest place on Earth.
24. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.
25. Walk with purpose.
26. Birthdays are overrated – offer unexpected gifts to friends and loved ones.
27. Volunteer.
28. Learn to solve problems creatively as well as analytically.
29. Drink the leftover milk in your cereal bowl.
30. Marry an amazing person. Thank you, Cheryl.

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The Five-Year Plan

Recently, I celebrated my five-year HB anniversary. The time flew by and it’s fair to say, I’m not the same person I was five years ago. So much has changed in my life and HB has changed as well. Five years ago, I was childless, working in an HB office with window AC units, along with seven other Hart Boilloter’s on 760 Main Street in Waltham. Now I have two children, our office is Newton and HB has 16 employees. HB has been good to me and it’s a great place to work—filled with intelligent, creative, and wonderful people.

The infographic below shows a brief look at what I’ve experienced at HB over the past five-years.

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In celebration of tomorrow’s leap day, all of us at HB thought about what we would like to do with this extra day.

We asked around the office – what’s on your leap list? Is there a project you’ve been putting off or something creative you have yet to try because you just can’t get around to it?

Here’s what a few HBers shared:

“I would like to write a short story, an activity that helps develop a skill while also quenching my thirst for creation.” – NB & JH

“With the extra 24 hours, I intend to clean my desk. Not just neaten up the stacks of papers, folders and unread magazines… I mean really clean my desk. If it hasn’t been touched in a year, I’ll throw it out. If it pertains to activities older than a year, I’ll throw it out. Now… my Rolodex… what to do about my Rolodex?! Keep it or toss it? That is the question!” – KH

“I want a day to read and delete old emails, do the tasks listed on the Post-It notes lettering my desk and start March 1 with an empty to-do list.” – MO

“If I had a free 24 hours with no obligations, I would sit outside and paint. I use to do this frequently, but no longer have the time to do so. It’s so relaxing to sit under the sun with a cool breeze blowing while laying a fresh coat of paint on a canvas.” – AJ

Now that we’ve shared some items on our leap list, HB wants to know – what’s on yours?

This Wednesday, February 29th, HB will provide half-hour marketing sessions in-person, via skype, or on the phone for anyone who would like free public relations, marketing and branding consulting.

Availability is limited so please email or call 781-893-0053 to schedule your appointment today.


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Clean-Tech Post-It Note

As a fan of design and sustainability, I keep a post-it note on my daily planner of interesting product designs that help reduce impact on the environment. The list has recently begun to tear and is now in three pieces… so there’s no better time to share these interesting tid-bits before my post-it needs to be recycled:

  • Levi’s Green Jeans and Waterless Jeans: Not only is the fabric organic, but so are the other components. In fact, the entire garment-making process is organic.
  • Scott Toilet Paper: The company announces the first tubeless toilet paper role – when it’s gone, it’s gone. Read more.
  • Kindvines: An Arizona wine brand that uses a 100% reusable glass bottle. Read more.
  • Method Household Cleaners: A product that’s cool design form meets function. Read more.
  • Burt’s Bees: A company that speaks the truth – natural products that are actually natural. Read more.
  • Tau Speakers: If you think that waste paper cannot be recycled into electrical devices, then you are in for a surprise. Read more.

We are always posting cool new designs on Twitter. Check it out and share with us.

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Four Sandwiches


On school days, I make lunches. It’s what I do. This morning I made four and everything changed. My baby girl is heading onto the bus for full-day kindergarden. And my wife is doing the dance of joy!

Concurrently, I realized this morning, that HB has a birthday today. At 11 years old, it too is growing up. Our capabilities have never been stronger, our experience never more valuable and our people never more talented. In 11 years we’ve met those who impressed and inspired us, taught us new skills and shared life lessons. We’ve  also  been threatened with uncertainty and instability brought on by forces beyond our control. Through it all, we’ve kept our cool, saved our pennies, searched out the best and brightest clients, partners and employees and above all, aspired to provide the greatest strategic council and client service.

As we look forward, I am confident that we will continue to grow and improve  in every way possible. And  that makes me do the dance of joy.

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Fun Facts

Every once in a while, when several HB team members are sitting down for lunch together or sharing a five minute conversation over coffee and a slice of Amanda’s fantastic apple crumb pie, we learn little “pearls of wisdom” about each other that pleasantly surprise (and sometimes even shock) us.

How well do you know HB? Take a minute to scroll through this sampling of our fun facts and guess whether they are true or false. See comments below for the truth from HB team members.

True or False?

5. Account manager Katie Delach spent four months in London interning with Disney before joining us at Hart-Boillot. Her favorite Disney character? The Little Mermaid.

11. Account Director Perrin McCormick is well known in the office and among clients for her handcrafted maps. Her specialty? Shopping maps.

36. Although she braves a daily 1.5 hour commute to HBHQ in her Subaru, Senior Designer Christine Tesseo’s preferred mode of transportation is kayaking. Her favorite place to push off and paddle? Cape Cod.

52. Senior Designer Matt Gustavsen dreamed of becoming a lawyer since he first saw The Firm in 1989, and began his career in corporate law. His reason for moving on? Suppressed creativity.

71. As a child and teen sitcom actor, Managing Partner Nicolas Boillot made various appearances on shows like: Charles in Charge, The Cosby Show, and Facts of Life. His most notorious Hollywood moment? Having dinner with Scott Baio at a Hollywood McDonalds.

93. Always baking and sharing her goodies with the rest of the HB team, Senior Designer Amanda Jayachandran has mastered the art of pie making with her recipe for apple crumb pie which was recently published in the Boston Globe. Her secret? Double crust.

105. Co-Owner Kevin Hart is a master cook who aspires to have his own cooking show on The Food Network. His favorite meal is: Chicken Parm.

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Blending Ingredients

Yes. I love to cook. And no, I probably will never have a Food Network show. However, I am  inspired by the blending of ingredients used by professional chefs on programs like Iron Chef. As an untrained “chef,” I’ve had some disasters in the kitchen trying to emulate those amazing talents. Fortunately we have a great pizza place nearby for quick saves… and it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of wine and booze on hand.

As a business owner it’s important to blend the right ingredients for a successful culture. At HB we’re proud to point to far more successes than failures in that area. I believe we’ve assembled the perfect set of ingredients including a balance of creativity, innovation, candor, laughter, intensity, thoroughness, responsibility and enjoyment.

We have a wonderful cast of characters helping us maintain this culture and expand upon what we’ve built in the last 8 years. And if sometimes we get it wrong,  it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of wine and booze on hand ;-).

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Perspective and Conspicuous Consumption

I came across this Web site today: Running the Numbers. It’s a fabulous look at conspicuous consumption in the US today. I personally have trouble quantifying large numbers like 2.5 million plastic bottles used in the US every hour. However, the artist does a wonderful job of making those concepts really mean something.

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