Fun Facts

Every once in a while, when several HB team members are sitting down for lunch together or sharing a five minute conversation over coffee and a slice of Amanda’s fantastic apple crumb pie, we learn little “pearls of wisdom” about each other that pleasantly surprise (and sometimes even shock) us.

How well do you know HB? Take a minute to scroll through this sampling of our fun facts and guess whether they are true or false. See comments below for the truth from HB team members.

True or False?

5. Account manager Katie Delach spent four months in London interning with Disney before joining us at Hart-Boillot. Her favorite Disney character? The Little Mermaid.

11. Account Director Perrin McCormick is well known in the office and among clients for her handcrafted maps. Her specialty? Shopping maps.

36. Although she braves a daily 1.5 hour commute to HBHQ in her Subaru, Senior Designer Christine Tesseo’s preferred mode of transportation is kayaking. Her favorite place to push off and paddle? Cape Cod.

52. Senior Designer Matt Gustavsen dreamed of becoming a lawyer since he first saw The Firm in 1989, and began his career in corporate law. His reason for moving on? Suppressed creativity.

71. As a child and teen sitcom actor, Managing Partner Nicolas Boillot made various appearances on shows like: Charles in Charge, The Cosby Show, and Facts of Life. His most notorious Hollywood moment? Having dinner with Scott Baio at a Hollywood McDonalds.

93. Always baking and sharing her goodies with the rest of the HB team, Senior Designer Amanda Jayachandran has mastered the art of pie making with her recipe for apple crumb pie which was recently published in the Boston Globe. Her secret? Double crust.

105. Co-Owner Kevin Hart is a master cook who aspires to have his own cooking show on The Food Network. His favorite meal is: Chicken Parm.

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