We define integrated marketing as delivering the right story to the right people at the right time with the right media to advance a business goal. The following expertise areas and our robust methods enable us to perform our work effectively. However, we believe our strongest assets are our honesty and courage: the honesty to look at the achievability of your goals, and the courage to deliver bad news as well as good.


Even the best story will fall on deaf ears if the proper strategic planning has not been performed. Our strategic work covers:

  • Primary Research – qualitative and quantitative
  • Secondary Research
  • Market Penetration Plans
  • Online Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Budgeting

A solid strategic plan will not only promote the success of any initiative, but it will also reduce the likelihood of many common marketing failures.

Yet even the best strategic plan can be wasted time, if it is not brought to life with stories that touch audiences and stimulate them to action. Our strategy team understands story-building and creative thinking, as well as what it takes to make an impact on busy and discriminating audiences. HB views integrated marketing not just as the integration of practices under one roof, but also the cross-pollination of disciplines and job functions. Gone are the days when a copywriter and designer live separate lives, and ensuring success from strategy to deployment depends on multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Suggested Case Study

Aiming the Global Spotlight at Ocean Thermal Energy
To help Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE Corp.) gain visibility and credibility meant publicizing ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) as a viable clean energy solution.


Think of your brand as two circles – one circle represents your idea of what your brand is (or should be); the other circle represents reality – the way your target audiences perceive and experience the brand. Ideally, the region within the intersection of those circles should be as large as possible.

BrandFlightSM follows processes designed to bring those two circles into alignment.

BrandFlight commences with an in-depth research and discovery phase, designed to uncover the difference between existing and desiredbrand attributes and perceptions. Depending on the nature of the product or service, HB relies on tools such as surveys, interviews, research and analysis during this phase.

BrandFlight yields actionable recommendations specific to communications tools and vehicles that will ensure that the new brand platform reaches and impacts all key audiences and stakeholders in the appropriate way.

Whether you require a strong initial brand impact for a new product or service, or you have an existing brand that may need refreshing, we look forward to advising you on how to move forward and how, ultimately, to shape the stories that will most effectively reach and influence your constituents.

Suggested Case Study

Driving Attendance, Pushing Response Rates, and Stimulating Leads for Viewpointe and OnPointe
How do you educate prospective customers and help them understand the business case for adoption? Is it possible to simultaneously create awareness for OnPointe and generate demand for the new solution?

Public Relations

Our PR staff focuses on compelling audiences through effective storytelling, the creation of meaningful content, and persistent and convincing media pitching. View our client media coverage.

The best PR campaigns start with a clear understanding of your business goals and often a review (and/or re-crafting) of your messaging platform. Building on that foundation, we reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right time to advance your agenda in the public domain.

Public Relations tactics cover a wide range, including:

  • Press Releases – to target specific audiences on a consistent basis to reinforce key messages
  • Mini Campaigns – to shine a spotlight on core topics using multiple PR tactics in unison to create a groundswell of media attention on issues vital to your organization’s success
  • Using Your Expert Bench Strength – to serve as industry experts and authors on topics the industry and business media are – and should be – covering
  • Product and Services Launches – to support the sales cycle and strengthen your position as an innovator and leader
  • Customer Success Stories – to provide real-life testimonials of your product/service’s impact on your target audiences
  • Analyst Relations – to provide data and market analysis; vendor-agnostic validation
  • Event Support – to make sure you get the best PR out of your costly event budget, helping you meet with the right media people and analysts when you participate in industry events

Content is critical!

Whether you’re hoping to create buzz through a press release or authoring a by-lined article, the story you tell can mean the difference between failure and success. HB account managers and supervisors take pride in their understanding of story, their market expertise, and their ability to position your news for success with your audiences. Of course, these capabilities go hand-in-hand with optimizing any piece of content for appropriate search-engine results.


Public relations measurement is dominated by web and social media metrics that are not integrated, do not reflect the business’ bottom line and do not represent the true value of public relations programs.

HB SightPlan is a suite of measurement and analytics reporting services for both one-time and ongoing marketing effectiveness measurement. The offering can be engaged on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated HB Agency PR or content marketing program.

HB SightPlan is ideal for marketing programs that combine both awareness-raising efforts, which have historically been difficult to quantify and measure, and content-rich sales and lead-generation programs that PR now drives.

Suggested Case Study

AG MednetInsisting on Quality in Clinical Trials
In the clinical trial arena, a single submission error can cost up to seven weeks of trial delay, millions of sponsor dollars and the potential loss or exclusion of patient data from a trial.


We merge story, design and media planning for maximum reach, frequency and impact.

Earned media (PR), community building tools and expanded content placement methods have in some cases supplanted traditional advertising. Yet there is still a place for paid media outreach in a very complex media landscape… and new media have made it possible to reach and move audiences to action for budgets that would never have been adequate a few years ago.

From pay-per-click campaigns to buying space in highly-focused vertical publications, HB advises you on how to make the most of your media budget. Then, whether creating a robust Adwords campaign or designing print ads, we ensure that your story makes a strong and compelling case to urge your audience to action.

Measurement plays a critical part to any earned or purchased media initiative – we will always recommend that a portion of budget be ascribed to in-depth measurement and analysis, helping you understand which content affects which audiences in what manner. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can measure a campaign’s success – after all, marketing should not be a faith-based initiative!

Suggested Case Study

CA Cloud CommonsCA – Pushing the International Cloud
Charged with introducing CA’s cloud solution through a global ad campaign, the HB team set out to differentiate it from the technical approach of so many other IT firms. The result, a playful take on the possibilities.


One of the most difficult marketing challenges occurs when creating new content and designs within an existing brand. Individual product lines, divisions, groups and even salespeople want to “sharpen up” or “enhance” existing materials and create new tools. From PowerPoint presentations to website pages, individual contributors will keep the Brand Police busy trying to avoid complete dismantling of the brand image.

As much as you might resist them, these “contributors” are responding to a real need. Even within existing brands, new materials for individual groups need to shine. These can range from micro-sites, brochures, data sheets, and white papers to videos, product briefs, manuals, screen-savers and posters.

HB’s designers understand that your new materials must fit within your brand and that fitting within your brand doesn’t require taking the life out of your materials. If you’re looking for original, compelling and memorable design solutions to print or online challenges, give us a shout and let’s discuss the challenge.

Suggested Case Study

AquanimaHow do you reach C-level financial services executives when they are shielded by diligent gatekeepers?
Aquanima wasn’t a new player. A division of the Santander Group, the company had ten successful years as a European leader in spend management – eSourcing, eProcurement, outsourcing and consultancy. But when it came to the US market, Aquanima was a new kid on the block.


Is your content management system user-friendly, efficient and future-proof, so that updates can be made easily in a timely manner? Does your website properly reflect your brand, credibility, areas of expertise, and messaging in a way that will compel browsers to inquire? Are you using social media to build community where it makes sense for your business?

HB’s interactive team understands that an organization’s interactive footprint can stretch far beyond a website, and at the same time the site serves as the hub of your organizational universe.

As with all of our practice areas, interactive projects start with a discovery phase in which we are likely to ask difficult questions. Understanding why your organization plans an interactive initiative will help us recommend how to proceed and what steps to put in place to measure success. For example, organizations have come to us desperate for a new web site, when what they really needed was a simple content management system to enable easy and frequent website updates.

Whatever the interactive challenge, expect HB to approach it with expertise and integrity, and to recommend a way forward that addresses your business objectives – whether that way forward includes HB or not.

We develop exclusively on LAMP (Linux/Apache/mySQL/PHP) platforms for their flexibility, security, wide adoption, availability of open-source software and access to programmers, and abundance of online resources and documentation.

Suggested Case Study

Creating a Customer Journey: Guiding Mobile Consumers from Challenge to Resolution
HB mapped the customer journey from technical challenge to resolution, empowering consumers to solve their mobile device challenges, while creating the vehicle for a new line of business for Jabil Aftermarket Services.


Naming new products, services and organizations can take months and become a huge distraction to management and staff. Our naming methodology takes you through a clear process to understand what you need in a name and discover the right names that meet your criteria. Our experience taking numerous stakeholders through the naming process has contributed to a methodology that helps you manage internal forces during the discovery process… while allowing you to keep the team focused on your mission, not a naming challenge. To learn more about how we helped name companies and products, contact us – we’ll be glad to share the stories.

Suggested Case Study

Spin Off Starts with Strong Name – Terraclime Geothermal
Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS), saw a surge in business for its commercial and residential geothermal consulting and installation services. The company was ready to spin off a geothermal division, and needed to name it and then come up with a visual identity.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing works much like traditional advertising – research on demographics combined with tight, on-message copy creates the best results. HB develops simple, targeted text and display ads which help people find your brand, product, or service as efficiently as possible through search. HB designs campaigns for specific, measurable outcomes, including lead generation and brand awareness.

Additionally, HB recommends a portion of budget go towards in-depth measurement and analysis. Both search data and your web site’s data inform future decisions to enhance search campaigns.

Interested in the power of search marketing? Fill out our contact form.

Suggested Case Study

Aiming the Global Spotlight at Ocean Thermal Energy
To help Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE Corp.) gain visibility and credibility meant publicizing ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) as a viable clean energy solution.