The Age of Transparency

Earlier this month I attended a research symposium organized by the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR). The use of the word transparency at the event reminded me of the “Hi Bob” drinking game. (A college drinking game, in which players watch the Bob Newhart Show and drink every time a character says, “Hi Bob.”)

The most interesting use of the word was by a Sun MicroSystems representative, when speaking about the CEO’s blog. Spend some time reading a few posts to see how Jonathan Schwartz uses his blog to give his readers insight into the company.

His dialog with the SEC is particularly interesting. In late 2006, Sun started to investigate its ability to use the Internet as a vehicle for posting its financial results. Sun first reached out to the SEC about this in a letter of September 2006, which Sun’s CEO posted on his blog. This blog post from late July 2007 gives a nice overview of Sun’s new approach to sharing its financials and providing greater transparency to all investors.

Perrin McCormick

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