The Good, Bad & Smelly: A Trade Show Debrief


We’re coming down from eight months of developing content for our client’s conference with over 10,000 attendees. I’m always amazed at how much time and planning goes into a trade show. And then, within days, it’s all over. It’s been two weeks since the show’s closing day and, shockingly, I’m sad! Leading up to the […]

Seeing the Unseen: A guide to understanding media

One if Diane Arbus' most famous photographs.

When it comes to media, what we don’t see matters as much as what appears. Of course, how do you know what you don’t see? Every journalist leaves some great quotes and details behind in order to create a good story. It doesn’t mean they leave out relevant facts, it just means they need to […]

Measuring PR Performance Against Budget – An IPREX Conversation


Years ago a public company CEO told me: “I hate PR. I  know we need it, but I never know if it’s worth the money. I don’t know if it’s doing well. I don’t know how much I should pay. Yet I know we have to have it.” I was shocked because I had a […]

The Tom Brady Suspension To-Do List

Tom Brady

Dear Tom, We know it’s been a rough week for you and the Patriots. As it stands, you’re looking at a pretty lengthy time-out when the season starts. And since you won’t even be allowed into the stadium to watch, you’re going to have a mountain of free time. What’s a multi-millionaire quarterback to do? […]

Get Out and Create.


While walking around Harvard Square during MayFair, I happened upon a slew of artists drawing on the pavement. Normally, I would just appreciate the art and continue walking. This time, I wanted in. The sun was out, a live band was playing and it had been too long since I had created spontaneous art. “Hi, […]

Jump into Robotics Innovation


The robotics industry is smokin’ hott, super cool and changing the world.

Sip & Share: Liquid Ideas

Jemma Lee

Last week we caught up with Jemma Lee, an account director at Liquid Ideas. She just celebrated her fourth anniversary at the agency so she had a ton of great insight to share. Some fast facts: Jemma loves what she does, has done lots of interesting work with her clients (like launched a brewery) and enjoyed her time in Boston at the Global Leaders Conference two years ago where we met.

HUBgrown: Q&A with Kyle Alspach, Streetwise Media


Well-known Boston tech reporter Kyle Alspach shares how he began covering the city’s tech scene, tips for startups pitching their stories and why having a tech community that becomes overly obsessed with consumers can actually be a bad thing. HB: How and why did you first become a tech reporter? What do you like about […]

Of Soviets and Starbucks


February 15th, 1990 was my father’s first day in America, and according to family-lore, the day he quit smoking. Two months ago I went home to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his arrival in the country. He made his way here during the waning years of the Soviet Union, leaving his home country of Ukraine […]

6 Things To Know When You Join A New Agency

Hello. I’m Alex, and as you might have heard, I’m the latest addition to the HB team. After several years in another agency some 10,000 miles away, and as I prepared to become the new guy earlier this month, I did what any sensible millennial would do: I googled “tips for the new guy.” But […]