“Who’s gonna pay for what’s inside my brain?” A chat with Matthew Gustavsen


The HB Interview Series re-introduces HB employees to our audiences. Justin Hastings, Interactive Strategist at HB, spoke with Matt Gustavsen, a Creative Strategist at HB. He’s a Massachusetts lifer who grew up on the south shore and went to school at UMass Dartmouth. Matt discusses his upbringing and how he became a designer.

H2H PR – Haven’t We Always Been Doing It?


Recently, B2B and B2C public relations have had some human company. Human-to-human (H2H), lately one of the industry’s favorite phrases, is now everywhere and it’s gotten there fast. But how people are using it and what it really means don’t seem to be in line. The two main public relations categories, B2B and B2C, serve to create […]

Top 5 Things I Learned from the Watergate Break-In


What if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein needed to fight for clicks? Would they have had to break their Watergate stories into a series of listicles? Would that make for better journalism?

Seeing is Acting: Showing the Story of Global Warming


We hear about climate change every day, but it’s not something we often notice in the world around us. However, in a recent episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Neil deGrasse Tyson communicated about the issue in a new way, using visual representations of society’s current impact on our climate. To be fair, there have […]

Everyday I’m Side Hustlin’


When my passion bubbles up and inspiration strikes – I have to create. Yet, my design style and feminist voice rarely fit our client’s needs. As a creative outlet for these bursts of happy inspiration, I am creating a blog called 90 Days of Design. Every day for the next three months, I will be […]

The 3 Most Important Things That Happened At The Bell Ringer Awards


Did you miss last’s night’s 46th Annual Bell Ringer Awards? Here are the three most important things that happened at the ceremony.

Harvesting News Without a Release: Your Press Release Isn’t the Right Tool for the Job


Vibrant, exciting companies like Grove Labs drive the Boston start up world. Born out of an MIT dorm the Grove Labs team aims to do nothing less than transform the way the world grows and eats food. They’re not creating an app that lets you find the best locally-grown organic vegetables, their goal is help you grow your own organic vegetables in the locality of your kitchen.

So when they wanted to announce funding news, HB’s advice was almost counter-intuitive for them: don’t bother putting out a release, but you’ll still get covered.

The Truth About Change

Cheese Maze

At the annual HB planning meeting, we talked about personal and company intentions for 2014. Throughout the meeting, I was reminded of a book I read a few years ago called “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.

How Your Startup Can Succeed With Content Marketing

Success with Content Marketing for Startups.

On April 28 I attended a NextView Ventures workshop about Content Marketing for Startups. The event featured speakers from Price Intelligently, Wistia and HubSpot. Each presenter shared strategies and tips for success with content marketing for small, medium and large startups.

What’s Your Story?

HB tells stories through video

Why is online video a great medium for storytelling? I have list of reasons, but I would rather tell you a story of why I think it’s wonderful. Last Christmas, I gave my wife a hard cover book filled with images from the first years of our children’s lives. She was very happy, smiling as […]