Beers, Burgers and Boillot

Here at HB we’re thankful for a lot of things. From our colleagues who make us laugh everyday and push us to be better, to our family and friends for their love and support, and for our clients for their partnership, we’re so grateful for the amazing people in the HB community.

Oh Snap! The Game Has Arrived.


Introducing Totally Safe For Work, the game that helps you engage with your team members, clients and industry peers. TSFW provides lively brainstorming, team-building and networking opportunities. We’re so excited about TSFW, we even made a video about it! Share your funniest combinations and card suggestions with us on Twitter @hb_agency using #TSFW.

Why I hate it when you like it!

the 99designs screen as I saw it.

How we love to “like.” We use the word constantly and with little thought. Like has become the milk-toast of affection. Not that it ever meant much; I remember using it when a high-school girlfriend asked what I thought of her brother who consistently threatened to beat me up. “I like him,” I cautiously said.  […]

How the future of journalism is like the priesthood

HBO’s Emmy award-winning television series The Newsroom will begin its final season on Sunday, November 9. The show chronicles fictional News Night anchor Will McAvoy’s (played by Jeff Daniels) brutally honest assessment of the state of America and Don Quixote-inspired crusade to purge cable news of sensationalism, partisanship and corporate influence. In Season Three, News Night tackles the Boston Marathon bombings and how […]

8 Steps to Building a Better Creative Staff


Like a game of Chess, building a more creative staff takes time and many well thought out steps. There’s no single right way to go about putting together an inspired, productive group of people that work well together and just “get it.” There is always an element of the unexplainable—the X factor you just can’t […]

Somerville Means Business…Green Business


The City of Somerville announced an RFI in an effort to gain information that will help develop a program for the City to collaborate with emerging green tech companies that can be applied throughout Somerville.

Jill Abramson Is Launching A Media Startup

image via The Boston Globe

Jill Abramson and David Carr kicked off WBUR’s new series Fast Forward at Boston University this week. While the pair rarely stayed on-topic, the night was full of candid moments, debate, and Abramson’s latest breaking news — she’s launching a media startup with Steve Brill. Want to know what else you missed from Carr’s chat […]

It’s OK to say “No”


The Pontiac Aztek remains a perennial punchline. So much so that when the writers of Breaking Bad wanted a car to exemplify just how much of a loser Walter White is at the start of the series, they gave him the Aztek. The Aztek checked all the right boxes. As Former General Motors CEO Bob Lutz […]

The Reason Why No One Follows You


Social media is not that different from dating. The reason why you have no followers (or start losing followers) is the same reason you’re not getting a second date. You’re selfish. OK, not everyone reading this falls into the self-serving category, but take a moment to think about your social presence. Be honest about how […]

Adapting Our Behavior


A poison dart frog in Peru is evolving before our eyes.