HB Out and About in September – See you there?


The HB team has a busy lineup of events over the next few weeks. From marketing and tech to entrepreneurialism and German innovation, we’re excited to see what each event has in store. Will we see you at any of the events listed below?

It’s Not Easy Being a Green Apple: 3 Cleantech Lessons from the iPhone 6 Announcement


When branding a sustainability, clean energy or cleantech company, it’s important to keep the true buyer in mind. If you are marketing to a checkbox item, then you’re not core to the business making your sales position weak. Worse, your value proposition won’t enable you to charge a fair price for your products, since “nice to haves” are cheaper than those products that speak to core business needs.

Apple demonstrated that in its iPhone 6 announcement.

How Law Firms Can Find Their Stories

legal books

While the ways in which we communicate keep changing, the reasons why do not. For a law firm, this means showcasing the firm’s expertise, the brilliance of its attorneys, the clear differences in its practice areas, the cases it has successfully closed that no other firm could, and the firm’s amazing approach to customer service […]

HB is Proud to Support Next Week’s TEDxCambridge


TEDxCambridge 2014 Fall is coming next Friday, September 12th. Tickets will sell out sometime this weekend, so now is your last chance to get your application to attend in! I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the global TEDx community since 2011, when I signed on to help produce the inaugural TEDxSomerville here in […]

When Smog Clogs Cleantech

smog clogs cleantech

The PR world is abuzz with the Guardian headline from last week, proclaiming that the world’s top PR firms won’t represent climate deniers. “World’s Top PR Firms Rule Out Working with Climate Deniers” the UK-based publication declared. It’s a great headline, even if the story is not nearly as black and white.

We represent cleantech clients here at HB as part of our Energy and Sustainability practice and sometimes you need to trust your gut when hearing the claims.

Don’t Ask Unless You’re in Love: How to Get Out of the Proposal Business


First published at AgencyPost. Writing, sending, and presenting proposals takes a lot of work. Too many people confuse this frenzied activity with winning business. In fact, only lovers should propose. Such proposals happen in moments of adoration and trust, when normally smart humans get stupid and give up all control over their destinies. They throw […]

Bringing Home the Hardware


At HB, our work illustrates and supports the stories our clients want to tell. Simply put, when we have a happy client, we consider it a job well done. However, highlighting some of these successful engagements is part of celebrating good work, and in doing so our Creative team recently won five awards! Summit International […]

Market Basket: This isn’t a PR Problem

market basket header

If you live anywhere in metro Boston, you’ve heard about the Market Basket issue. To the uninitiated the basics are this: Market Basket is a regional grocery chain owned by a single family. The chain had been owned by two brothers and split evenly, but when one brother, George, died, his heirs thought they would […]

“Who’s gonna pay for what’s inside my brain?” A chat with Matthew Gustavsen


The HB Interview Series re-introduces HB employees to our audiences. Justin Hastings, Interactive Strategist at HB, spoke with Matt Gustavsen, a Creative Strategist at HB. He’s a Massachusetts lifer who grew up on the south shore and went to school at UMass Dartmouth. Matt discusses his upbringing and how he became a designer.

H2H PR – Haven’t We Always Been Doing It?


Recently, B2B and B2C public relations have had some human company. Human-to-human (H2H), lately one of the industry’s favorite phrases, is now everywhere and it’s gotten there fast. But how people are using it and what it really means don’t seem to be in line. The two main public relations categories, B2B and B2C, serve to create […]