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The UnPanel: Afternoon Delight and Marketing’s Future Love Child – the Unholy Union of Man and Machine

Software dominates the marketing conversation. But should it? HB Agency hosts the UnPanel, exploring the theme of man vs. machine in marketing. Is technology emerging as the dominant driver of marketing decisions, or does the human perspective still count? Can man and machine coexist in the future of marketing? You decide.

What is an UnPanel?

Simply put, HB’s UnPanel is a panel (e.g. shorter) version of an unconference. Great, you say. But what the hell is an unconference? An unconference:

  • Builds community and conversation – the UnPanel will start with a disparate group of FutureM attendees who form a community and reach a conclusion on an open, but directed, discussion.
  • Solves problems – in this case, where man (and woman, of course) and machine (technology) fit in the future of marketing.
  • Coalesces ideas – FutureM is a fascinating experience, a jumble of ideas, deep thinking, predictions and demos on the future of marketing. The UnPanel is attendees’ opportunity to refute, discuss, support and dive deeper into all the conversations around FutureM.
  • Rocks — at the UnPanel, dynamically learn and share more about the complex challenges raised at FutureM in a loose, community-driven setting that concurrently feels like a party and the biggest panel discussion ever. Ever seen Bang Camaro and its legion of guitars? The UnPanel is like that, only attendees replace Stratocasters and Les Pauls.