Working at a small company

People frequently ask me what it is like working at a small company. One of my favorite things about working at Hart-Boillot is that when I have an idea for a new program or system, I can easily share my proposal with either Nicolas or Kevin, get the green or red light, and go (or go back to the drawing board).

Last September I suggested a company blog. While our company size enabled me to implement the blog quickly, it also meant that I needed to make all administrative decisions. For example, I researched software options and made other technical recommendations.Do you have any stories to share about the advantages (or disadvantages) of working at a small or large organization?

Perrin McCormick

About Perrin McCormick

Perrin McCormick joined Hart-Boillot in 2004 as an Account Coordinator in the Public Relations department. She quickly worked her way up to Account Manager and now serves as Account Director, managing client relationships and helping clients define their communication strategies. Although she currently focuses her attention on PR accounts, Perrin has used her project management and communication skills to successfully manage numerous design projects, including both Web and print work.

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