HB Agency, the region's premier B2B Marketing Agency, combined with Eric Mower + Associates, one of the largest and most creative independent integrated advertising and public relations agencies in the nation. We’ll keep the same Massachusetts office servicing Boston and New England, the same talent and same service—now with more resources and capabilities to better serve our clients. The HB/EMA combination will power our existing tech PR and creative services offerings while allowing us to introduce other services as well. Read about the combination or learn more about EMA.

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As a full-service technology marketing, PR and branding agency, our B2B stories illustrate projects and campaigns in a variety of markets and media that range from local impact in Boston and New England to global proportions. Contact us to learn about work that specifically relates to your PR, branding or communications goals.

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HB/EMA Clients in the News

HB/EMA clients enjoy media placement that showcase their stories. …

Harvard Awareness

Infusing the Harvard Career Journey

Generating awareness through culture, way of life and manner of business. …

EMA Boston Mass Robotics Case Study

Hub of Robotics

MassRobotics (and EMA) is betting on the next global evolution of robotics. …

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We're much more than insightful B2B marketers. Read our ideas, perspectives, and insights about marketing, branding, PR and life in general.

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The Design of Voting

11.07.17 by EMA Boston

EMA Boston

We can fly a man to the moon, but we can’t design an effective ballot. What gives? It’s amazing to know that we, as American citizens, cast votes to …

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Technology & Disruption: 5 Rules of Engagement

10.30.17 by Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross

Today, innovations in technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence are poised to disrupt a number industries – content marketing included. …

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B2B Success: Going Beyond What You Already Know

10.13.17 by Mark O'Toole

Mark O'Toole

You’re constantly thinking about your potential customers. How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? How much money do they make? What causes …

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