13 Not-so-frightening Facts About the New HB Team

Fresh Ground

In case you missed it, HB has acquired Fresh Ground, a public relations and social media agency. So what should you know about the newest additions to the HB team?

  1. In less than her first 4 months of PR, Brette Querzoli landed her first client a TV interview with Live From the Couch, CBS New York.
  2. In addition to running Fresh Ground with his partner, Todd Van Hoosear founded the Social Media Club Boston, is a fellow with the Society for New Communications Research and teaches PR and social media at Boston University.
  3. Ruth Bazinet is a self taught guitarist and song writer, and has played local Boston venues.
  4. Chuck Tanowitz was once a body double for Tom Brokaw.
  5. Brette Querzoli is a vegetarian who cooks meat for friends and family (and she’s good at it — ask them).
  6. Todd Van Hoosear has been called a doppelganger to celebrities including Judge Reinhold, Danny Kaye, Ryan Stiles and even Steve McQueen. You be the judge.
  7. Ruth Bazinet’s space art has been published in outlets including Harvard Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic Kids, and Nature.com.
  8. Fresh Ground was named after Chuck Tanowitz’s coffee obsession. During one search for coffee in Seattle, Chuck met a bus driver who told the passengers that if they didn’t pay as they were getting off the bus, he would tie them to the seat and sing all 21 verses of “There are no drivers like bus drivers,” and then began to sing. A few minutes later a woman got on and declared that she had quit smoking, the whole bus cheered.
  9. Ruth Bazinet was inspired to pursue a career in public relations after meeting Helen Thomas at the White House.
  10. Chuck Tanowitz bikes to work regularly, but the new office means his commute dropped from 8 miles each way to 1.
  11. Brette Querzoli celebrates shark week religiously, and with a lot of Photoshop help.
  12. Ruth Bazinet once hired a PR intern through Twitter, having never met her. She was dazzling, even scoring a Wall Street Journal hit during her time working with Ruth.
  13. Despite these quirks, or perhaps because of them, the Fresh Ground team is getting along swimmingly with the HB team.

P.S. Happy Friday the 13th!

Todd Van Hoosear

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Todd’s love of technology started as a child, when his dad would bring home chips and switches from his work in the electronics industry that would feed his imagination for years. Combining a stint as an IT guy with his education in PR and communication, Todd has helped clients in the engineering, mobile, cloud, networking, consumer technology and consulting spaces bring new ideas – and new takes on old ideas – to the market.

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