30 for 30: Lessons on life on a birthday milestone

Last week, I turned 30. Holy crap. Needless to say, I haven’t figured out much. However, I’ve learned enough to build a goofy list of tips to share. Here goes!

1. You can only have so many passions. You can’t do everything. Stick to 2-4 passions and really immerse yourself. And, yes, they can change over time.
2. Read as much as possible.
3. Stay in shape.
4. Get rid of your stuff. You can focus more on your goals and passions with less clutter and belongings in your living space. Now if I could only convince my wife…
5. Value sleep.
6. Enjoy an expensive bottle of wine from time to time.
7. Buy small – cars and houses – instead of large.
8. Vacation is for vacation. You can either work during your entire vacation, or not at all. Nothing in between.
9. Take care of your wardrobe.
10. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Better yet – eat multiple healthy meals everyday.
11. Mow your lawn.
12. Take pride in your manners. Please and thank you go a long way.
13. Spend money on books, not television.
14. Attend as many weddings as possible. They are the height of human emotion.
15. Keep a clean house.
16. Tell your parents you love them.
17. Store an extra toothbrush and toothpaste at work.
18. Embrace new technology offerings. Don’t complain about the latest feature or change on Facebook; test it and own it.
19. Challenge your loved ones and co-workers to be better.
20. Invest in a pet project outside of work – write a book, design a web site, or shoot photos.
21. Take up golf. Doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow… but it’s a lifetime sport that helps develop a sense of hard work and accomplishment.
22. Learn the basics of cooking.
23. Visit DisneyWorld at least once. It’s the happiest place on Earth.
24. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.
25. Walk with purpose.
26. Birthdays are overrated – offer unexpected gifts to friends and loved ones.
27. Volunteer.
28. Learn to solve problems creatively as well as analytically.
29. Drink the leftover milk in your cereal bowl.
30. Marry an amazing person. Thank you, Cheryl.


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