Lionbridge Case Study EMA Boston

Global Success Starts with Owning the Details

Mower partners with Lionbridge to support efforts to engage with their customers and create global customer experiences.

HB tells stories through video

What’s Your Story?

Audiences watch over 1.2 billion videos every day. Mower channels the power of storytelling via video.

The On Project: Simply OTEC

Mower created a video to help explain how OTEC generates energy for tropical zones.

Project Giving Kids Animation

Mower’s video helps tell PGK’s story of connecting children with age-appropriate service activities.

Attivio SKE

Attivio’s SKE Software

Attivio came to Mower for a way to explain their Service Knowledge Expert software solution.

Get IT Together with EMC

When public and private clouds need to work together, things don’t go so well. See for yourself.

Data Protection Amped Up

At a packed event, you need to do something to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Telling the EMC Healthcare Story

Saint Luke’s uses health IT-as-a-service and EMC solutions to support its network.

Intelligent Power Management

What is Intelligent Power Management?

No provider can avoid a network failure. They just didn’t know this fail-safe existed.

How Do You Change the World?

Mower and MassDevice teamed up to find out with the Disruptors video series.

Crafting a Customer Journey

Jabil Aftermarket Services needed to help their customers get from problem to resolution.

Get Involved with Purpose

Spreading the mission of the Cleantech Open to find, fund and foster big ideas.

Rock the Doc

Closing the Cancer Gap

The Rock the Doc campaign for the 15-40 Connection encouraged audiences to visit their doctors.

EMC Phase II

EMC New Technology Features

This campaign proves that moving to the cloud is made easier with EMC.

Bolster a Global Launch

How do you create a hub for cloud development? Bring together those who build and those who sell.

From Complex to Compelling

See how Mower illustrated an intricate concept, condensing it into a comprehensive story.


Introducing: A Better Way

What if you could stop wasting time tracking down medications and supplies and focus on providing your patients uninterrupted care?


PSA: Well-Rounded Excellence

Merrimack College’s hockey program is high-achieving on and off the ice.