Jonathon Glazebrook

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Knowing that something is “working fine” isn’t enough for Jonathon. He has to know why it works, how it works, and if something breaks how he can fix it. For Jonathon, this obsession with “the details” not only wreaked havoc on his parents’ VCR as a child, but also guides his approach to marketing and client service.

Combining strategic smarts, an eye for strong creative, and a solid background in biotech and high-tech advertising, interactive marketing and public relations, Jonathon minds the little details knowing they can take a brand from “Ho-hum” to “Holy cow”. And he does it with grace, guts and gumption—a winning combination that always keeps clients and coworkers happy.

Jonathon has spent more than eight years working in pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketing leading a variety of accounts. He has successfully helped brands navigate their lifecycles from launch to sunset in the highly regulated and competitive pharmaceutical landscape.

A Southern boy by birth, but a Californian at heart, Jonathon recently moved from San Francisco bringing his wit and diverse list of hobbies across the country along with his wife and young son. In addition to the occasional freelance writing or photography gig, Jonathon is an avid motorsports enthusiast (and occasional participant), cyclist, burgeoning father, outdoorsman and all-around do-it-yourselfer.

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