Mark O’Toole

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PR is evolving. Mark’s goal is to keep Mower ahead of trends, and to set a few trends of our own, to the benefit of clients, using all the tools available to today’s traditional and digital communicator. In fact, we’re all in PR, according to Mark. And, despite all the change and disruption, PR is still about helping clients meet business goals.

To Mark, PR is about:

– Strategic thinking expressed through great results
– A strong team that both self-manages and leans on leadership when needed
– Helping clients focus on business development, and showing how marketing and PR support it
– All types of marketing communications, including digital, social media and traditional marketing/PR
– Writing and using the right voice for the right client
– Finding the story
– Consuming and curating news, and getting clients in the news cycle
– Relationships that last a long time, and the trust that comes with them

Mark applies the same energy to his non-profit affiliations. He is chairman of the iconic Freedom Trail Foundation, immerses in the entrepreneurial community as a MITX Up growth hacker/coach, and ties it all together as a connector for OpenHub to drive business into New England.

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