An Extra Day

An Extra Day the HB WayWhat would you do with more time? 

While many of us desperately wish for exactly that, finding time is more a myth than reality. While discussing the upcoming “Leap Day,” the HB team brainstormed the concept of a “leap list.” What would you do with an extra day? What if you could focus on what your marketing needs to do instead of what you need to move off your to-do list?

That’s what we’re offering: a one-day event on Leap Day, February 29, designed to help companies in and around our Boston headquarters and San Antonio office address their business challenges and how marketing can help with members of the HB team.

On February 29, HB will provide free, half hour marketing consultations for any company, in-person or via phone, helping them with their marketing and communications challenges, mapping out next steps for growth through marketing and generating creative ideas for influencing their audiences.

To participate, simply connect with HB via this blog, by phone or by our Leap Day email address and schedule time to share with our team.

What’s on your “leap list?” Feel free to spread the word about HB Agency’s complimentary services on February 29th. If you want to schedule time, drop us a note at, or call us at 781.893.0053 and we’ll see you on Leap Day.

Also, watch this space for more information on HB’s Leap Day schedule, including Google+ Hangouts on integrating video and interactive into your marketing program.

Spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #xtradaytheHBway, and follow HB on Twitter at @hb_agency.

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About EMA Boston

Boston's EMA office is a full-service technology marketing, PR and branding agency. Our B2B stories illustrate projects and campaigns in a variety of markets and media that range from local impact in Boston and New England to global proportions.

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  1. Thanks for a terrific experience at HB and helping us gain some insights into our own business and message.

    We wrote a blog about our time at #xtradaytheHBway

    Dave Campbell
    Founder, CEO – GivingSomeThing

  2. Many thanks to Mark O’Toole and Justin Hastings from the MA office – it was an absolute pleasure to participate in #xtradaytheHBway. Within minutes, Mark and Justin understood our most pressing marketing challenges and were able to provide us with an action plan, including several cost effective marketing solutions.

    Thank you for helping us make the most of our extra day this year!

    Tim Burke, CEO
    National Family Mortgage

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