Apple's iPad: An HB Love Affair

Steve Jobs introducing the now ubiquitous iPad.

We constantly preach that “content is king” at HB. The iPad is one of the world’s most popular content viewers. Naturally, HB and iPad were meant to go together.

Thanks to the generosity of HB’s leadership, our recent holiday party was full of laughs, achievements, and a new iPad for all employees. The gesture has sent the HB team into an iPad frenzy – lots of questions, lots of smiles, and lots of apps. We recently spoke with the HB team to learn about some of their favorite apps and recommendations. Take a look!

Matt Gustavsen, Senior Designer: “Netflix. There’s a high likelihood that I’ll never leave my bed again.”

Kevin Hart, President and Creative Director: “Jumble. Keeps my brain sharp when I’m on vacation destroying brain cells.”

Ashley Bell, Account Manager: “Scrabble! Much easier to clean up than the board game.”

Ashley Marsh, Account Coordinator: “Sorted – simple and beautiful list-keeping.”

Justin Hastings, Senior Designer, Interactive: “Flipboard, an aesthetically-pleasing and easy-to-digest layout of your Twitter, Facebook, and social media content.”

Amanda Jayachandran, Senior Designer: “I love Epicurious!”

Brandie Gerrish, Senior Account Manager: “PandoraONE – it expands my horizons by introducing new artists that fit into my preferred genres.”

So what’s your favorite app? And how does our blog look on your iPad?

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