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Amanda creates unique strategies to help tell her clients’ stories. Her passion for design earned more than 35 design awards across branding and identity campaigns, direct marketing and demand generation, websites and event support. She consistently exceeds industry standard returns in interactive and print campaigns.

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Make it or Break it

It’s in the nooks and crannies where I find design most inspiring.

While I was in New York for a few days, I got juiced by the creative everywhere. Not sure what I’m talking about? Just look up – Buildings on top of one another… Narrow alleys…

New York shows us how to utilize the space in, around, on, and between buildings for our creative. You never know what you will find 34 stories high.

From brick walls, sidewalks and glass, to garage doors and imprinting on light fixtures, design and type is everywhere. Many times, ad spaces become the focal point and inspiration for the aesthetic of a place or business.

Particularly, it is the typography found around the city that is beautiful. Great design relies on typography (and sometimes solely) and its ability to work with various textures that are present. As designers, the careful attention and detail to selecting or crafting type can make or break your design.

Once you put it all together and find out a way to incorporate design into an outdoor space, it’s the raw elements of Mother Nature that give strong design the striking authenticity of natural weathering.

Enjoy a collection below from my trip. Have something to add? Share it with us on Twitter.

P.S. – Stumbled upon these mannequins with facial hair. It doesn’t fit with this blog, but how could I resist not including them?

March Madness Ad Spend

For so many of us, March Madness is a yearly ritual: brackets, betting, beer and burgers. And now, the Final Four is just around the corner.

I was curious how much money was spent on advertising during March Madness, but I never would have anticipated what I uncovered. When I think of big-time sports advertising, the Superbowl is what immediately comes to mind. The game is punctuated by event-specific advertising that gets everyone pumped to see the new creative ads and messages. In 2015, Superbowl advertising spend was about $359 million.

capitolone-adBut to top that, television advertisers spend more than $1 billion on March Madness. And Americans spend almost as much gambling just on the Final Four than they to go to the movies in one year.

So it should be no surprise that March Madness is one of the biggest months for marketing opportunities spanning a range of industries: apparel, automotive, financial, food and higher education, to name a few. Because of this, the tournament provides one of the greatest social media marketing opportunities for companies. The NCAA Tournament has grossed a record 166 million total social impressions across Facebook and Twitter and 88% of people use their mobile devices to access March Madness information. The investment on return can be seen in the average game viewership: 9.9 million total viewers. The Kentucky/Notre Dame game peaked with 19.7 million viewers.

Much like Superbowl ads, there are those that are inspirational, sappy, nostalgic and funny. My favorite are the ones that feature past players. If you haven’t seen the CapitolOne ad series, it features Charles Barkley on a road trip with Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson. Hysterical!

So, as you watch Kentucky/Wisconsin and Michigan State/Duke this weekend, which ads stand out to you? Are they effective or do they miss the mark? Are they entertaining or informative? Share your favorite Final Four ad moments with us on Twitter @hb_agency. We’ll be sharing, too!

Adapting Our Behavior


A poison dart frog in Peru is evolving before our eyes. These frogs are showing a strong resemblance of two different species and researchers have reported that these frogs might be the first vertebrates ever observed splitting into two species because of distinct mimicry.

In the world of integrated marketing we are adapting every day. At HB, we are taking a new approach to how we present, concept, utilize modern technology and reach our audiences. Adapting behavior and looking for new inspiration, helps us focus in on new ideas. It keeps us on our toes and elicits friendly competition amongst ourselves.

Transforming the way we think about creative and how the end user will interact with our development opens a world of endless possibility.

The Truth About Change

At the annual HB planning meeting, we talked about personal and company intentions for 2014.

Throughout the meeting, I was reminded of a book I read a few years ago called Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. Who Moved My Cheese? is a story of characters who live in a “Maze” and look for “Cheese” to nourish them and make them happy. In the story, the characters are faced with unexpected change. The metaphor of cheese reminds us to challenge ourselves, search for new ways to learn and enjoy increased success as a result.

At the close of the meeting, each HBer announced a personal goal. I challenged myself to build a storyboard and create an animation in After Effects.

Check out my animation of the visual interpretation for Who Moved My Cheese?.

Millions of People, One Dream

The grand opening of the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, Belgium was incredible.

The exhibits of the Red Star Line celebrate and memorialize the location where 2.5 million immigrants left Europe to travel to America between 1873 and 1934. The museum shares the stories of countless travelers and their dreams and aspirations. Some became rich and famous, like Irving Berlin, but all helped lay the foundation for today’s America.

Please enjoy this video of the grand opening celebration.

Edible Campus


I found inspiration in an unexpected place this summer: McGill University in Montreal. Its School of Architecture collaborated with local NGOs to create productive garden growth in a concrete, prominent urban corner of the University’s downtown campus. The result – an edible garden that transformed an existing neglected space into a beautiful, strategic food producer.

Here’s how McGill reinvented a 3287 m2 barren concrete space:

  • Vertical growing: Beans sprawl a wall on the side slope of the entrance to an underground academic building. Another wall with few windows became the support system for squash and tomato vines.
  • Containerized garden: A bare concrete plaza turns into a garden path with containers and arches growing vegetables and herbs.
  • Rooftop garden: An underutilized, unattractive terrace became a bountiful fruit and vegetable garden.

In 5 months, the total harvest reached nearly 400 pounds. The food is donated to individuals around Montreal with mobility impairments. The edible campus demonstrates how productive planting can transform underutilized urban spaces.

Start planning during the long, winter months. A small garden can have a big impact.



Photo Credit: McGill University

Streamlined Design

I enjoy walking through Ikea and viewing their space-conscious design. They make living in 251 square feet look organized and desirable.

I had the opportunity to board the PlanetSolar boat – another great example of space-conscious design – while it was docked in Boston. Running solely on the energy found in light, the technology is nothing short of impressive. While on the boat, I took particular note of how the boat’s interior was deliberately planned.

Both the boat’s technology and living quarters utilize a streamlined design. Lifeboat and supply containers become sofas or resting places with mattresses. Storage crates turn upside down for table tops and items in the kitchen are well-secured. Cables are secured, running along the ceiling.

The efficiency of space management is truly a remarkable art form.

Creating Excellence

In partnership with our clients, we are pleased to announce that HB was recognized by the 19th Annual Communicator Awards.

HB was awarded:


Brand Story Video for NxStage Medical, a part of The Disruptor Series

“Get into the Game” Campaign
Marketing and Promotion for OnPointe®, Viewpointe’s comprehensive information governance platform

What is Your Efficiency Ratio?
Lead-Generation for Aquanima

We’re thrilled to have this work recognized by the International Academy of Visual Arts, a group of professionals from media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms.

Thank you to our clients for allowing HB to tell their story.


Holiday ‘Social’

My husband and I hosted a drop-in party over the holidays. We built the party around the theme of “Desserts, Drinks, Ice Cream Floats, and Friends.”

However, during preparation, something different and unexpected occurred. Typically, I invest time flipping through all of my cookbooks. I wouldn’t want to miss a single recipe that could be “the one.”

But this year, I didn’t open a single cookbook. Every recipe I used came via Pinterest. Users’ reviews and comments helped me make decisions on our menu. In fact, one particular helpful hint saved what could have been a frustrating experience! In the end, everything we served looked and tasted great.

The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is the third largest social network, behind Twitter and Facebook. Social media has not only changed how we connect with others and give our opinions, but the way we experience, behave, entertain, make decisions, and spend. The tool’s visual marketing has 81% of US online consumers trusting information and advice from Pinterest (according to BlogHer).

But don’t worry, I still love my cookbooks.

Curious about my menu? Check out my “Love of Food” board (which also includes other yummy recipes).

Where Unique Lives

This year, HOW Design selected Boston for its annual HOW Live Conference, bringing  together designers, freelancers, creative team managers, and other creative professionals. Christine and I were the lucky HB members to attend.

Over the four days, we listened to brilliant speakers, interacted with the latest paper samples and print techniques, sharpened our design and technical skills, and connected with other designers.

Conferences and industry events help the HB team learn new ways to solve challenges and re-energize our creative juices. We look forward to the next event!