EMC CLARiiON CX4 Sales Kit

EMC was looking to inform and motivate partners about a new product, the EMC CLARiiON CX4.

We developed a kit with an easy pull-out brochure and a cd with an interactive graphical user interface. It included assets in nine different languages.

The kit design, including a silver foil, has won two MarCom Awards for Platinum Award (highest recognition) in the Design/Media Kit category and the Gold Award in the Media Kit/Product Launch category.

Our Body: Inside and Out

The Body Worlds exhibit has been on display in many cities for quite some time now. I finally had the opportunity to visit this exhibit at the Maryland Science Center over the weekend.

The Body Worlds exhibit is an educational display featuring actual organs and bodies from persons that donated their bodies for this cause. The specimens on view are examples of the technique called Plastination. Invented by a scientist and anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens in 1977, Plastination is the method of halting decomposition and preserving anatomical specimens for scientific and medical education.

The exhibit made me realize what an amazing creation our body. I also left the exhibit feeling the desire to respect my body and care for it better.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend this exhibit. It’s not gory and the bodies are treated with care and respect. The Massachusetts exhibit is now closed, but you can check out other cities at http://www.ticketmaster.com/bodies.

Helpful Logo Tool

When doing work for a client with an existing logo, designers sometime struggle to find an Illustrator EPS version of the logo. An EPS file is important because a logo created in this manner can be enlarged to any size and will not lose its clarity.

For a couple of years, I have been using this great site to download FREE Illustrator eps files of logos. It started with just the well-known company logos, but now provides a huge range of company logos.

If you have trouble acquiring a logo, you will love this site.

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) Donor Report


The HACC Donor Report recognizes and sincerely thanks the people that have given generously in support of HACC and its students. The support from these individuals has allowed many men and women to meet their goals.

The design of the report captures the lives and moments of students and educators. The classic, strong black creates a sophisticated tone. The brochure also features a remittance envelope to encourage further donations.

Northeastern University’s Executive Doctorate in Law & Policy

Northeastern Image

Northeastern University wanted to inform and educate applicants applying for its elite Law & Policy degree. The Law & Policy program is dedicated to a rigorous curriculum and students who are hyper-committed to succeeding. Applicants are passionate about this area of study and are looking towards taking their leadership skills to the next level.

We created a direct mailer and a brochure containing application forms. The color palette of gold, black and red suggest a level of sophistication and an executive-level tone. We created a design that is strong and that will make applicants excited about being part of a program that will impact their lives.

What's in a Name?

So with all the recent news about Kevin Hart, the high school senior from Nevada who fraudulently committed to accepting a scholarship at Cal, got me thinking about how small the world is and how difficult it must be for people with common names. With my last name, I don’t tend to have that problem.

At Hart-Boillot we have our own Kevin Hart, who is a good guy who can be pretty funny. Living in a world where everyone can be Googled, isn’t it odd that if you type Kevin Hart into Google, you will find results for the high school senior, a player on the Cubs, and even a few comedians. This brings up many questions and issues relating to fact checking, doing research on an event, and self-promotion.

We live in a world with a lot of hype where substance can disappear and people act out of character just to get noticed. And yet this is quite the opposite of what we do here at Hart-Boillot. Our work is committed to building brands and telling the stories of our clients. There is a strong divide between hype and reality and we see it as important to promote the reality of situations, offer a fresh perspective and tell the world why what our clients do is important. Lucky for us, Hart-Boillot is an unusual name so our name and our strategies stand out amongst other agencies.

Trip to the ICA

When I leave a museum I always feel full of energy and creativity. I recently took a trip to the ICA, The Institute of Contemporary Art, located on the waterfront in downtown Boston.

I went with my sister and her fiancé, who are both architects. We spent just as much time admiring the architecture of the building as we did in the exhibits. It gave me a new appreciation of the design of the building and how the art works within. The space is created so that the visitor has areas for contemplation. If you haven’t been to the museum, you must visit the computer lab. It is set up with stadium seating and hangs out from the building so you feel as though you are floating in the sky above the water.

Cornelia ParkerOne of the artists I enjoyed the most was Cornelia Parker. Her sculpture entitled Hanging Fire is a suspended sculpture. It represents a London woodshop destroyed by a suspicious fire. The pieces of charred wood are hung from wire:it looks as though time has stopped and we are getting a glimpse at the explosion.

The main exhibit, Design Life Now, brings together product design, architecture, furniture, film, graphics, new technologies, animation, science, and fashion and shows how the Internet has transformed the design community. The exhibit also has a personalized touch, exploring techniques done by hand and a wide array of materials that can give a design a different look.

I would recommend taking a trip to the ICA to refuel your creativity. And, on Thursdays after five the museum is free. www.icaboston.org

My museum trip can be summed up with I quote I noticed in the museum by Darrel Austin stating, “A banana. Now that’s good package design.”

My First Sox Game

Red Sox GameMy husband and I moved to Massachusetts 8 weeks ago from Washington, DC. We’ve spent our weekends being tourists, exploring the North End, the South End, Cambridge, Salem, the Commons and our new neighborhood.Most exciting though, we have already been to our first Red Sox game. I am so impressed with the Boston attitude towards its baseball team. Everywhere I go, Sox gear is sold and at least someone is sporting a Sox shirt. I love the spirit of the fans and how proud they are of their team.The game was amazing. It was the Saturday game against the Minnesota Twins, the second to last game of the season and the day after the Sox had clinched the division. The stadium was bouncing with excitement. I felt like I was part of the game instead of just a fan in the crowd. I think this because the stadium is small you feel everything more intensely – the music, the cheering, and you are practically sitting on top of the person next to you.The most eye-opening experience for me of this game was when it ended. Usually at sporting events, people start leaving the game early so they can beat the traffic. This is not the case at a Sox game. Even after the game ended, we didn’t leave. We all stood there just looking at the field and cheering. I must admit, I was thinking “Is the game already over. I want more.”It has always annoyed me when fans leave early from a game. Are a few more minutes really going to kill you? Show some support.This is why I like Sox fans. They are in it till the end. They never stop showing their support. I think this is something that carries over into their daily lives. This is the type of passion that I am hoping to see everyday from the people of Boston. That they are not only excited about starting projects, but keeping that spirit all the way through to its end.And, yes Kevin, I will happily take free tickets off your hands anytime.See a short video from the game: Download MVI_0618.AVI