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Christine has professional experience in event marketing design, print, environmental graphics, brand development, web development and project management. Her conceptual thinking, technical expertise, and creative vision blend together to deliver thought-provoking on on-message creative, resulting in the desired outcome within tight deadlines.

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Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half-truths. -Edgar A. Shoaff

When thinking about camping, a landscape of beautiful lush green trees and gathering around a fire comes to mind. This was very true for the first leg of our trip.

Last month, we set off on a family adventure from New England to Williamsburg, VA towing our 23’ hybrid (Big Roo) camper. The thick woods of Williamsburg were absolutely beautiful. In one week we visited Historic Jamestown, the Yorktown battle fields, Colonial Williamsburg and Bush Gardens. Everyday was a relaxing excursion.

For the trip home we decided to stop off in Pennsylvania and chose a campground after doing some research on the Internet.

As we approached our destination, the GPS guided us down a narrow road that had a HUGE power plant on one side and lead us over cargo railroad tracks. Thinking we must have made a wrong turn when suddenly, just ahead, we saw the campground sign. My husband laughed and said, “This is going to be fun!”. Thankfully it was only a few nights after leaving the beautiful woods of Williamsburg.

We set up in what looked like a field of campers – we could reach out and touch the camper next to us. The smell of cow manure was in the air on the hot summer evening. The grounds looked like we had entered a flea market – old mirrors thrown up at the end of the water slides, trash cans with cut-out gas tanks as a lid, common area buildings falling apart. Behind the pool was a foam pit (sounds like fun!) but upon exiting the pit, the staff sprayed everyone down with a massive hose. Think of a prison scene when the inmates are getting deloused…yes this happened and our son had blood gushing from his arm after falling in the pit. (That didn’t stop the spray down!)

As evening approached, we sat by the fire looking back at the website for the campground in disbelief. They hired a great firm because the photos online looked beautiful and nothing like the grounds. The agency should win an ADDY for pulling it off. In the eyes of my eight and nine year-old, “We had a lot of things to do, but the campground was a dump! Why would anyone come back here?”. Well kids, it’s all about the advertising!

Fighting Crime with Social Media

It was a typical weekday afternoon, my husband and I both were busy wrapping up our days at work when he received an alert of activity at home. He quickly asked if we are expecting a delivery and before finishing the sentence I hear “he’s trying to break into our house!!” We both looked at the security camera footage and could hear the intruder trying to gain access into our house by the front door, back slider and two windows. The burglar noticed the security cameras and quickly took off.

The police department posted the photos on Facebook and received and unbelievable response. Within an hour the post had 17,000 views, 187 shares and 6 phone calls to identify the man. Thanks to our security cameras and with the help of our small community social channel the burglar was identified, will be charged and is also connected to another break in within the area.


The Good, Bad & Smelly: A Trade Show Debrief

HbKcBxKJwMvqK3zTY0qt3Txbo2aWichuxoJg0JJJZhAWe’re coming down from eight months of developing content for our client’s conference with over 10,000 attendees. I’m always amazed at how much time and planning goes into a trade show. And then, within days, it’s all over. It’s been two weeks since the show’s closing day and, shockingly, I’m sad!

Leading up to the opening of the show, I get an adrenaline rush from the panic—can all of this get done in 3 weeks?! The answer is—with the great team we have—absolutely! The first two days of the show, we run around like crazy people putting in over 15 hour days. We are developing, designing and producing items that were forgotten, lost or had mistakes. The result? No one knows the items were forgotten, lost or had mistakes because the finished products look exactly as they were intended to look. Once we get into day three, we actually have time for dinner before 9pm and a few hours of sleep. Progress!

Here are some of my key takeaways from this year’s event:

Land of the Lost. You have a strategic plan when packing everything for the event truck. But somehow one box always goes missing and never shows up. Be resourceful and develop a plan to immediately produce materials on site.

What’s that smell? Anything with mayo should never be served at a trade show event. Period. You’re just asking for trouble.

Relationships. HB is so fortunate to work with an unbelievably awesome events team. Good client relationships make the experience more rewarding and the work more impactful.

A few days later on the flight home, we thought  about the successful show and what we could do better next time… because we can always improve. And now, two weeks later, with the post-show blues beginning to fade, I am looking forward to a few months from now when we begin brainstorming for next year’s show and all of the feelings that go along with it.

Professional Growth the HB Way

At the beginning of 2012, Nicolas and Kevin challenged HB team members to set individual professional growth goals, keeping in mind how they could benefit the company. One goal I set was to keep in tune with creative design trends.

Years ago I had the opportunity to attend the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta and Dallas. It was truly amazing! This year the HOW Conference was in Boston…who would miss the opportunity to attend when it’s right in our backyard?  Joesph Duffy of Duffy & Partners’ discussion was memorable and gave knowledge on using a “Visual Brief” effectively. Which will help HB for future initiatives.

Attending conferences and events allows for growth and learning best practices that can be applied in our daily jobs. The design field is constantly evolving so keeping up with the latest knowledge and tools is essential. Not only do I have a notebook full of key takeaways from the event but it also boosted my professional growth and helped me gain the necessary tools and continue to be successful.

To share the experience I used my new iPad, which I won at the Navitor booth, to develop a Storify document. Here are key snippets of social media chatter during the four day event.

Innovative, Lightweight, More Fuel-Efficient

It is pretty amazing how quickly life changes. I used to think, “I’ll never do that” when I saw people drive by in campers and RVs…never say never!

Ten years ago my husband and I would spend hours at REI shopping for camping gear. We purchased compact and lightweight products for our expeditions. Weekends were spent camping in the north Georgia mountains along the AT in the torrential rain, hot summer heat, snake and bear infested territory. We stayed cozy in a Marmot four-season tent under the stars. Yes, we were once the die hard campers backpacking everything in – our dog even had a backpack for all of his belongings.

Well, it was only a matter of time before we became “one of them.” After settling down and having a family we found ourselves missing the camping years. Tent camping didn’t seem realistic with two young toddlers, so we purchased a pop-up camper. We now spend a majority of our summer vacations camping along the coast of Maine with running water, electricity and heat.

We’ve enjoyed the pop-up for the past two years but somehow we’ve found ourselves looking at the Earthbound RV’s. These particular campers are completely eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. They’re modern looking compared to other RVs on the market that have a 70’s or 80’s feel. The sleek and creative design keeps the environment in mind using low organic construction materials. This concept only makes sense since you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Who knows, maybe we’ll trade-in the pop-up for one in the future.

Antibiotics for Asthma, Why?

The kitchen cabinet is overflowing with our children’s medication. Between boxes of Albuteral, steroid inhalers, and allergy medication it becomes a rotation of treatments daily. Fortunately the winter and spring months are the hardest seasons so we catch a little breather in the summer.

Asthma is the leading cause of illness in children and we’ve learned so much about the respiratory condition. When the children were first diagnosed we received monthly calls, keeping us in the loop on the latest medications and related articles, from our healthcare provider. Unfortunately changes in the system have eliminated this unique feature and now we rely on frequent doctors visits to keep us on track.

Recently I stumbled upon an article featured in Medicine.Net stating that 35.6% of children with asthma were prescribed antibiotics. How alarming!? Not only do you have a concern about the condition, but also the possibility of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Hopefully other parents have become self educators in order to avoid antibiotic treatments for a non viral illness.

New Office + Green Choices

Within the past year, we’ve been pushing the limits of our current space, squeezing more and more team members into a small footprint. Naturally, we started the search for a new office.

We’re days away from moving into our new space at 134 Rumford Avenue in Newton. This is the first space where we’re designing a custom build-out – a huge step for the company. As we are a creative and public relations firm, we needed the space to be functional, yet unique and full of character. Much of this is achieved through the exposed ceiling and beams, our flooring selections, high-sheen concrete, funky carpeting in work areas, and rubber flooring in the conference room. We’re proud to be using rubber made from 100% recycled tires that normally would be thrown away.

Keep an eye out for photos revealing the new space scheduled to be completed next month.

There's an app for that!

Last year, I received an iPod touch as a gift. I was incredibly excited to surf the internet and check email from the palm of my hand. I quickly discovered the millions of downloadable apps. Now, I’m able to keep up with my social networking accounts, engage with meetup groups, solve crosswords with a friend, and receive up-to-the-minute news from several sources.

The app landscape is truly amazing – did you ever think you’d need to use iMirror to put on makeup or fix your hairdo? It comes in handy for quick lipstick application before running into a meeting. Additionally, the educational apps have been a lifesaver. With my 1 and 2 year-olds in tow, Peekaboo, Curious George’s Dictionary and Elmo’s Monster Maker have kept my kiddos incredibly engaged. Apple‘s app store is truly genius – working with developers to offer customers the best possible experience.

What’s you favorite app?

Art History Flash Back

Years ago, I would visit art museums, knowing details about famous artists’ masterpieces… how quickly our lifestyle changed when we settled down and had a family.

Last week, we returned from our first vacation since having children. We spent time camping, crabbing, boating and eating our way through Mount Desert Island. Fortunately, the President’s visit didn’t impact our trip.

We then ventured to Rockland, home of the Farnsworth Art Museum – we walked through town, viewed sculptures by local artists, and poked our heads into galleries. The sculpture that most caught my attention was Robert Indiana’s famous LOVE pop icon on the corner of Main and Park Street. A long-time resident of Maine, Indiana originally designed the ubiquitous icon for holiday cards. This summer, The Farnsworth Art Museum is showcasing his new work as well as variations of his long-familiar themes. Indiana’s show, “Robert Indiana and the Star of Hope Lodge,” is his first public exhibition in five years, and includes a documentary film on Indiana by filmmaker Dale Schierholt.

Kayaking on the Charles


The HB 10 year anniversary July event was celebrated kayaking on the Charles River. With anticipations high on finding a New England Patriot quarterback stranded on the river, the HB team enjoyed a day of team building and muddy water fun on one of the nation’s most historical rivers.

The day was highlighted with the many wildlife species that take up habitat along the river. Thankfully with the overcast skies, which have been the trend for much of the summer, no one suffered a sunburn. We concluded the event with an ice cream party thanks to Lizzy’s Grab n’ Go party kit.