Christine Tesseo

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Christine has professional experience in event marketing design, print, environmental graphics, brand development, web development and project management. Her conceptual thinking, technical expertise, and creative vision blend together to deliver thought-provoking on on-message creative, resulting in the desired outcome within tight deadlines.

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Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half-truths. -Edgar A. Shoaff

When thinking about camping, a landscape of beautiful lush green trees and gathering around a fire comes to mind. This was very true for the first leg of our trip. Last month, we set off on a family adventure from New England to Williamsburg, VA towing our 23’ hybrid (Big Roo) camper. The thick woods […]

Fighting Crime with Social Media

It was a typical weekday afternoon, my husband and I both were busy wrapping up our days at work when he received an alert of activity at home. He quickly asked if we are expecting a delivery and before finishing the sentence I hear “he’s trying to break into our house!!” We both looked at […]

The Good, Bad & Smelly: A Trade Show Debrief

We’re coming down from eight months of developing content for our client’s conference with over 10,000 attendees. I’m always amazed at how much time and planning goes into a trade show. And then, within days, it’s all over. It’s been two weeks since the show’s closing day and, shockingly, I’m sad! Leading up to the […]

Professional Growth the HB Way

At the beginning of 2012, Nicolas and Kevin challenged HB team members to set individual professional growth goals, keeping in mind how they could benefit the company. One goal I set was to keep in tune with creative design trends. Years ago I had the opportunity to attend the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta and […]

Innovative, Lightweight, More Fuel-Efficient

It is pretty amazing how quickly life changes. I used to think, “I’ll never do that” when I saw people drive by in campers and RVs…never say never!

Antibiotics for Asthma, Why?

The kitchen cabinet is overflowing with our children’s medication. Between boxes of Albuteral, steroid inhalers, and allergy medication it becomes a rotation of treatments daily. Fortunately the winter and spring months are the hardest seasons so we catch a little breather in the summer. Asthma is the leading cause of illness in children and we’ve […]

New Office + Green Choices

Within the past year, we’ve been pushing the limits of our current space, squeezing more and more team members into a small footprint. Naturally, we started the search for a new office…

There's an app for that!

Last year, I received an iPod touch as a gift. I was incredibly excited to surf the internet and check email from the palm of my hand. I quickly discovered the millions of downloadable apps.

Art History Flash Back

Years ago, I would visit art museums, knowing details about famous artists’ masterpieces… how quickly our lifestyle changed when we settled down and had a family.

Kayaking on the Charles

The HB 10 year anniversary July event was celebrated kayaking on the Charles River. With anticipations high on finding a New England Patriot quarterback stranded on the river, the HB team enjoyed a day of team building and muddy water fun on one of the nation’s most historical rivers. The day was highlighted with the […]