Mark O'Toole

About Mark O'Toole

PR is evolving. Mark's goal is to keep HB ahead of trends, and to set a few trends of our own, to the benefit of clients, using all the tools available to today's traditional and digital communicator. In fact, we're all in PR, according to Mark. And, despite all the change and disruption, PR is still about helping clients meet business goals.

To Mark, PR is about:

-Strategic thinking expressed through great results
-A strong team that both self-manages and leans on leadership when needed
-Helping clients focus on business development, and showing how marketing and PR support it
-All types of marketing communications, including digital, social media and traditional marketing/PR
-Writing and using the right voice for the right client
-Finding the story
-Consuming news and getting clients in the news cycle
-Relationships that last a long time, and the trust that comes with them

We are all communicators. Because PR, and all that it can do, is the future of marketing.

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B2B Success: Going Beyond What You Already Know

You’re constantly thinking about your potential customers. How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? How much money do they make? What causes do they support? What are their pains, and what kinds of budgets do they have to address those pains? Here’s a quick exercise. Look at the following examples […]

A Year Without Connecting

I like being known as a connector. While it’s a term open to various definitions, I see it as that person who develops relationships that bring value to others in one’s network. And yes, sometimes it brings value to the connector directly – maybe it’s a piece of new business or a favor repaid. But […]

Exploring Business Opportunities in Cuba

We’ve launched a new thought leadership series with our IPREX partners called Global Perspectives. Each month we will look at a global issue and share our perspective on the business implications and communications challenges involved with the selected topic. Our first Global Perspectives tackles the changes in Cuba. Read below for thoughts on doing business […]

How Law Firms Can Find Their Stories

While the ways in which we communicate keep changing, the reasons why do not. For a law firm, this means showcasing the firm’s expertise, the brilliance of its attorneys, the clear differences in its practice areas, the cases it has successfully closed that no other firm could, and the firm’s amazing approach to customer service […]

PR Slammed?

A few weeks I ago, I moderated Boston’s first PR Slam. Like a story or poetry slam, contestants needed to make their case for or against hiring a PR firm, competitively, in the form of a story. My job was to tell the first story, and then to help narrow the pool to two finalists. I […]

Slideshare, We Love You

Over the years I’ve posted quite a few presentations to Slideshare, the kind of marketing collateral that is there to share after a conference or speech, the stuff we all do. But about a year ago I changed tactics, creating content specifically for the platform; one that needed no voiceover or live presentation to bring […]

What Scares Me About PR

PR is changing. I spend a lot of time talking to anyone who will listen – my team, clients, prospects, strangers at cocktail parties, Twitter friends – about how and why. I believe a shakeout is coming and firms that cannot deliver on the new needs of their clients will fall behind. Does the industry […]

Congratulations graduate! Here’s why I won’t hire you

At HB, over the past 14 years, we have received thousands of resumes from new college graduates. Too many had the background to make the cut or at least garner a second interview. But disastrous interviewing skills brought them down. Here’s our take on what went wrong and how to improve. Please share with any […]

Pictures are Pretty & Other New Paths for PR

Massachusetts is putting real muscle behind supporting its creative economy. We even have a Creative Economy Industry Director, a statewide position and industry resource to amplify the industry’s voice…

‘Tis the season for… Disruption!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the holiday cheer is beginning to spread throughout the HB office…