Tobias Ecsedy

About Tobias Ecsedy

Tobias conceptualizes visual design strategies for his clients through the channels of typography and pixel-perfection. Holding a degree in Graphic Design, Tobias recently graduated from The New England Institute of Art. Outside of the office, you’ll find Tobias moving weight around the gym and studying the fluctuations of the stock market. Learn more about Tobias

Three Tips for Controlling Your Reactions

Gut reaction. Emotional response. Whatever you call it, it shouldn’t be a stretch to find a time when you’ve experienced it. Encountering an event of displeasure often causes a flood of immediate reactions derived from a place of thoughtless spontaneity. Unhelpful, to say the least. As Jonathan Haidt illustrates in The Happiness Hypothesis, we are […]

Epidemic Models and Your Brand’s Story

Think of the last influential brand story you came in contact with. Got one? Perfect. Need a little help? How about Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty or the eccentric Old Spice Guy? Now keep those in mind. The mathematical theory used to predict the spread of diseases is known as epidemic models. The simplest model […]

Max Power & Calculating Your Confidence

In Homer to the Max, Homer Simpson stumbles upon a television show character by the same name. After the character goes through a negative transformation, Homer gets ridiculed for being associated with such a person. In an effort to overcome this, Homer legally changes his name to Max Power. Garnished with compliments about his new […]