Brand Lessons from Tom Brady’s Resume

tom-brady-best-pictureOn Thursday, Tom Brady found and posted an old resume.

Yes, that Tom Brady. The one with 3 Superbowl Rings, a model for a wife, great looking kids and always in need of a real High 5.

But what’s most interesting about the resume is how distant it is from his current brand. The image we have of him today is as #12, the stalwart quarterback, the guy we all want to be. But back in 1999 he thought he would be just another college student looking for a job. So he put together the same thing we all do: a resume. I’m sure the college career office guided him through this, teaching him how to dutifully outline his “experience” in the traditional resume format. I’m sure this was sent to a few recruiters who probably never equated the Merrill Lynch intern “Thomas E. Brady, Jr.” with the quarterback who came into a Pats/ Jets game after Drew Bledsoe went down, only to lead his team to a Championship.

Resume for Thomas E. Brady, Jr.

Resume for Thomas E. Brady, Jr.

That’s because these aren’t the same people. Look at the bottom of the resume and you’ll see those “Additional” activities we all have on our resume. Only in this case, the “additional” IS the story. That’s his brand and how he’s known. But we’re taught to drop that down to the bottom.

From a brand perspective I’ve seen companies that try to fit the mold. They don’t want to be too brash or too far afield from their competitors. They want to be safe so they’re taken seriously. It’s certainly a tactic. But to become a brand we need to embrace our true identities. We need to stop thinking about our essence as “additional” and embrace it as our “experience.”

Who would you rather be, Thomas. E. Brady Jr. or Tom Brady?


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