Is content marketing part of your story?

We’re using the term “content” around HB much more. Creating compelling content is something we’ve always delivered to clients, but we’re digging much deeper into the content universe these days. Content marketing, branded content, brand journalism – you might hear all these terms in your marketing conversations.

Since we’re storytellers at HB, we recognize that individual pieces of content – video, landing page, white paper, print piece, even this blog entry – mean nothing if not delivered within the context of

  • recognition of client marketing and business goals, and
  • an engaging way to use content to reach those goals.

Oh, and the content needs to be creative, repeatable, shareable, interesting and honest.

Mark O’Toole, our new managing director of public relations and content marketing, penned this article for, sharing his forecast on content trends for 2012. Mark touches upon the controversial, like who “owns” the content strategy, the rise of curation and the decline of TV, the rejuvenation of print marketing and more. Give it a read.

And let us know your thinking on content marketing. Did Mark miss trends? Hit the nail on the head? What’s working in your organization?

We’d love to know.