Mower’s Partnership with MassRobotics Rings Gold and Silver Bell Awards

The Mower Boston team won both Gold and Silver Bells at the 50th Annual Publicity Club of New England Bell Ringer Awards.

Presented by the Publicity Club of New England (now the PR Club), the region’s leading communications trade organization, the Bell Ringer Awards are a symbol of outstanding achievement for New England public relations and communications professionals. The awards celebrate and honor the teams that raise industry standards of creativity and craftsmanship.

Mower’s “Creating the Hub of Robotics” campaign moved MassRobotics from concept to reality as the two worked together to develop the organization’s aspirational story (Rallying Cry), brand identity (logo, website), strategic public relations and marketing program that helped brand and promote the compelling concept.

The MassRobotics team had this to say about our work:

“The team at Mower is a significant contributor to the success of MassRobotics and has been an integral part of our team since the beginning. Their creative staff has provided support from logo design and website development, to setting up and managing social media accounts. Our Twitter and LinkedIn are always fun and engaging, and it’s amazing the number of shares and comments we get every day. They manage our content, press releases and media outreach – we’ve had a tremendous amount of media coverage this year in print, online and on TV.

They created promotional videos that capture the essence of MassRobotics; these videos are key tools in our growth as we approach additional partners, sponsors and new residents. Most recently, they helped us celebrate our first anniversary in our space with a video commemorating all we’ve accomplished in a year. The video has been watched thousands of times and is being shared all over our social networks. 

Simply stated, the Mower team is our marketing department. We rely on their recommendations for marketing campaigns, messaging and more – we even asked them to help us figure out what color scheme to paint our office!

This extremely responsive team keeps pace with us, and that’s not easy in the startup world where you’re never sure what the next day will bring. For example, when we hosted this fall’s Robot Block Party, it was like throwing a party, inviting everyone you know, but really having no idea if anyone would show up. Mower secured so much coverage and facilitated so much conversation in advance of the event that when we showed up for it, there was already a line out the door to attend. It became one of the most attended and memorable events for all of HUBweek.

We can’t say this any more succinctly: Mower has built our brand! And we can’t thank them enough for their continued support of our mission.”

In addition to the tremendously successful launch, which received both regional and national print, TV and radio coverage, MassRobotics was also awarded a $2.5 million MassWorks grant, allowing the organization to triple its space, which was more than 80 percent occupied upon opening and reached 100 percent within the first three months.

Mower also contended for the Super Bell for the first time in agency history, the Bell Ringer’s “best in show” award, by earning one of the five highest scoring entries of the evening. 

Learn more about our work with MassRobotics by clicking here.


Jump into Robotics Innovation

RobotLast week I attended MassTLC’s Robotics Summit. A morning event that gathered the robotics industry’s leading thinkers, makers and investors. Speakers and panelists discussed the current state of the industry, challenges faced and opportunities on the horizon. Let me tell you, if I took anything away from the event it’s that the robotics industry is smokin’ hott, super cool and changing the world.

The general public needs to stop worrying about drones killing us, robots taking our jobs and self-driving cars causing more damage than good.

Robots are here to help, not hurt, society. We already see how they’re increasing efficiencies across industries, aiding in national security, helping students learn and offering mobility to those with disabilities. From robots in the home and advances in AI, to automation and rehabilitation, the opportunities are endless.

So what’s the biggest challenge then? Moving away from a linear model of innovation.

Well, that’s one of the challenges according to the event’s keynote speaker, Kaigham Gabriel, president and CEO of Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA.

Gabriel questioned the audience about innovation:

  • “Why does it need to take 20 years?”
  • “Why do you need a roadmap?”

It doesn’t and you don’t. Gabriel explained that the biggest creative leaps come from the best jumpers.

Jumpers like Tye Brady, a distinguished member of the technical staff at Draper Laboratories and Steve Paschall, a senior systems engineer and spacecraft GNC engineer at the Lab. Brady and Paschall developed GENIE, an autonomous guidance, navigation and control avionics system that’s capable of autonomous precision planetary landings with real-time trajectory planning and hazard avoidance maneuvers. In layman’s terms: a real life rocketship that can actually set a target, land on it and avoid hazardous objects.

This is actually rocket science.

Brady and Paschall are rocket scientists who have a passion for their craft.They give new meaning to breakthrough innovations and Gabriel discussed some of the elements that made their project a success:

  • Bold goals
  • A fixed duration for the project — timelines inspire the most creative and focused work
  • Industry-leading project leaders, mostly performers — the people actually executing the work
  • An organizational infrastructure that supports speed and agility during projects

The interesting thing about innovation is that it’s not selective. You don’t have to work at a startup to spark innovation. You don’t have to be at a big corporation or venture-backed company to develop the latest innovation that will change an industry. You just need to change your perception of what’s possible.

If you’d like to know more about the event, check out MassTLC’s blog that includes key takeaways. Better yet, if you’re a eager to become more involved with the Massachusetts robotics community, be sure to keep tabs on MassRobotics — an amazing organization promoting robotics innovation throughout the Commonwealth.