Do you need parking for coworking?

The Greentown Labs space often looks more packed than even this!

The Greentown Labs space often looks more packed than even this!

One of the great things about working at HB is the chance to set down a laptop in a place like Greentown Labs. The team loves the time we spend there, not just because of the Bevi machine, but because of the energy within its walls. It’s just great to work among so many smart and energetic people and have conversations with them about the future of the world.

Todd Van Hoosear and I spent a bit of time working in the MassChallenge offices a few years ago and it was much the same thing.

And that’s how Bill Jacobson, CEO of Workbar, defined “coworking” during a panel hosted by the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce and moderated by yours truly. He pointed out that the main difference between a coworking space and a place with just some co-workers is that coworking is built around the idea that people want to build a community. Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs, said much the same thing when she talked about the curation of the Greentown Labs community and how they work to avoid competitive companies. Apparently this cooperation is at play when, in the labs, someone swears loudly and another person working nearby asks “how can I help?”

Over at Mullen Lowe‘s Wunderbar, Vishal Chandawarkar, who manages the space, noted that the energy and collaboration between the right people makes it all work. The entrepreneurs developing technology get the right feedback from the UX and digital teams within Mullen, something they couldn’t get if they were paired with, say, media buyers. Still, there are pitfalls, like making sure that everyone signs NDAs and lives by the rules.

The conversation that continues online, however, came from Duane Mayo of the International Entrepreneurship Center, who physically hosted the event. He noted that “ample parking” was key to making coworking viable. Some of the discussion on the Village14 blog, which occurred after the talk and involved both those who attended and those who didn’t, centers around transit as key, not jut parking.

Of course, you can just listen below and judge for yourself. Feedback welcome!


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