Everyday I’m Side Hustlin’

When my passion bubbles up and inspiration strikes – I have to create. Yet, my design style and feminist voice rarely fit our client’s needs. As a creative outlet for these bursts of happy inspiration, I am creating a blog called 90 Days of Design. Every day for the next three months, I will be sharing a drawing, image, typography piece or some other type of creation. Feel free to follow along here.

Let me make this clear: I love my job. I make a living creating things all day, every day. My responsibilities range from design to motion graphics to photography, and every day is different. My coworkers are encouraging, creative and wicked smaht; they constantly challenge me to grow as a designer.

Sometimes I just need a little something on the side.

The impetus that motivated me to share my art was the Young Women in Digital Side Hustle event on Wednesday. Passionate, intelligent and resilient women of Boston gathered at the beautiful Communispace to hear about each other’s Side Hustles. What is a Side Hustle? Your Side Hustle is your passion that pays you not in money, but in satisfaction, happiness and purpose. It’s your daily morning run, those paintings you do in your spare time, the language you’re learning or the cause you are fundraising for.

Ladies of YWD Side Hustle Event

Ladies of YWD Side Hustle Event


Melanie Cohn, founder of Young Women in Digital (YWD), organized this event as an opportunity for women to develop their Side Hustle into a main hustle through the aid of scholarships. Laur, one of the finalists for a Side Hustle scholarship, started The Civic Series to encourage young professionals to get together and learn about current events and issues. Another hustler, Becky Brackett created Pop & Circumstance to channel her passion for one-of-a-kind vintage decor and furniture. She rises at 4am on Sundays to make it to auctions early enough to get the gems.

Thank you YWD for sparking motivation, inspiration and empowerment in so many women. Learn more about Young Women in Digital and the Side Hustle event here.


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