FORE!-ward Thinking

As a golf enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued with the unrealistic thought of designing my own course. Everyone’s second-favorite Justin (Timberlake) has done exactly that – and put Mirimichi on the map as the most eco-friendly course in the world.

Purchasing his hometown course in Memphis for less than $1 million, Timberlake and his family have put over $20 million back into the property. Using sustainable strategies, Timberlake has turned a struggling golf course into an incredible facility, becoming the first course in the country to attain Audubon Classic Sanctuary certification, amongst other prestigious achievements as a result of the course’s use of natural resources, recycled energy, and friendly chemicals.

Fulfilling your creativity through design without infringing upon Mother Nature? It’s simply par for the course at Mirimichi.


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