Holiday ‘Social’

My husband and I hosted a drop-in party over the holidays. We built the party around the theme of “Desserts, Drinks, Ice Cream Floats, and Friends.”

However, during preparation, something different and unexpected occurred. Typically, I invest time flipping through all of my cookbooks. I wouldn’t want to miss a single recipe that could be “the one.”

But this year, I didn’t open a single cookbook. Every recipe I used came via Pinterest. Users’ reviews and comments helped me make decisions on our menu. In fact, one particular helpful hint saved what could have been a frustrating experience! In the end, everything we served looked and tasted great.

The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is the third largest social network, behind Twitter and Facebook. Social media has not only changed how we connect with others and give our opinions, but the way we experience, behave, entertain, make decisions, and spend. The tool’s visual marketing has 81% of US online consumers trusting information and advice from Pinterest (according to BlogHer).

But don’t worry, I still love my cookbooks.

Curious about my menu? Check out my “Love of Food” board (which also includes other yummy recipes).

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