“I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet”

I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet

Are your business stories compelling and memorable?

I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet book coverWhen it comes to sharing the memorable stories that will keep customers and attract prospects, most businesses end up with canned press releases, boring case studies, uninspired blog posts and tweets that no employee, customer or partner will ever remember. I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet teaches the principles of story creation that should inform all communications, from ads to case studies, articles to blog posts. Learn the value of building compelling and memorable stories. Understand how to build your own great stories through examples from large multinational businesses and smaller companies that any business person can understand and mirror. Rabid Fox includes a brief workbook that anyone can use to start creating compelling and memorable stories.

Nicolas Boillot was CEO of HB Agency (now Mower), an integrated marketing firm building brands for such clients as HP, EMC, CA, and many smaller businesses whose stories appear in this book. Nicolas is a co-founder of Middlebury College’s MiddCORE, an intensive series of courses and programs focused on Creativity, Opportunity, Risk and Entrepreneurship. He is involved with several non-profits focused on business leadership and the environment. Nicolas regularly speaks on branding and public relations. Appearances include the Boston Association of IT Professionals (AITP), GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club, Yankee IABC Senior Corporate Communicators Group, the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education), and CFO Roundtable. He lives in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, with his wife and son.

Nicolas Boillot on “The Lang & O’Leary Exchange” discussing his book, “I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet”

Praise for Rabid Fox

I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet is a rare gem. It offers simple, actionable guidance for everyday businesses to find and develop their best stories. With all the choice in today’s market, compelling and memorable stories are the key to long-term customer engagement.
– Christian Lagier, COO, MemoLane

In Scrum we know a product owner with good stories makes developers twice as fast and customers willing to pay twice as much. From Nicolas, I learned that good stories can make a business twice as Agile and a company valuation four times as great.
– Jeff Sutherland, Co-Creator of Scrum

The passion for stories runs deep in human nature and explains why we read books, watch movies, and exchange anecdotes with one another. Great stories inspire people to take action, including in today’s commercial world. Rabid Fox shows how to apply these basic truths effectively in modern marketing, using the power of compelling stories as a potent growth engine for business.
– James D. Greenberg, Director and Chief Strategy Officer, Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

The lessons contained within I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet apply to anyone who needs to get a message across with impact and longevity. Although written for business professionals, any professional who communicates will appreciate Rabid Fox’s insights and lessons.
– Phil Pietrowski, Jr., Regional Vice President, V-Soft Consulting

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