In the Age of Tech, Measurement Reigns.

As more individuals, from tots to seniors, have easy access to user-friendly technology like smart phones, cloud computing and video streaming, the amount of information targeted at those individuals continues to skyrocket. Instant news updates, email marketing, mass-produced opinions arrive through all our channels, causing many of us to stop and plead, “Slow down! What am I supposed to DO with all of this information?”

Many clients come to us asking for ways to monitor, navigate and participate in industry conversations where they have neither the time to pay attention or the resources to understand how their brand comes up performs. They light up when we explain how we use some of the latest technology and tools to do just that. As it turns out, technology is partly the reason for the problem, but also the conduit to a solution.

Something similar is going on in the energy industry. Energy consumers (i.e. pretty much all of us) light up (pun intended) as new technology hits the market to help regular people measure, manage and better understand the often mysterious energy usage information we receive from distributors and providers. As our client LEM, a pioneer in electrical measurement, would say, you have to measure it to manage it.

True, technology companies have dabbled in this market for over a decade with light controls, security systems and camera monitoring. What’s been missing, though, is a system that does it all, including actionable metrics on energy usage, from one simple, easy-to-use interface.

Check out the complete home automation companies below that surfaced over the past few years. Some are just a few years old, and others are older as they started with alarms and security systems before moving into comprehensive home automation and energy management.

Vivint –

Life|Ware –

Control 4 –

Elan Home Systems –

Crestron –

Ah. Doesn’t it feel better to be in control?


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