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It is pretty amazing how quickly life changes. I used to think, “I’ll never do that” when I saw people drive by in campers and RVs…never say never!

Ten years ago my husband and I would spend hours at REI shopping for camping gear. We purchased compact and lightweight products for our expeditions. Weekends were spent camping in the north Georgia mountains along the AT in the torrential rain, hot summer heat, snake and bear infested territory. We stayed cozy in a Marmot four-season tent under the stars. Yes, we were once the die hard campers backpacking everything in – our dog even had a backpack for all of his belongings.

Well, it was only a matter of time before we became “one of them.” After settling down and having a family we found ourselves missing the camping years. Tent camping didn’t seem realistic with two young toddlers, so we purchased a pop-up camper. We now spend a majority of our summer vacations camping along the coast of Maine with running water, electricity and heat.

We’ve enjoyed the pop-up for the past two years but somehow we’ve found ourselves looking at the Earthbound RV’s. These particular campers are completely eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. They’re modern looking compared to other RVs on the market that have a 70’s or 80’s feel. The sleek and creative design keeps the environment in mind using low organic construction materials. This concept only makes sense since you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Who knows, maybe we’ll trade-in the pop-up for one in the future.

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