Medical Tech


Marketing and communication in the medical technology arena require continuous attention to a rapidly shifting landscape:

  • Technology and markets change very quickly;
  • The regulatory environment is continuously evolving;
  • Target audiences range from clinically-focused physicians to cost-conscious healthcare executives and concerned consumers;
  • New trends and new competitors emerge without notice;
  • Legal restrictions create constraints as much as they provide guidance;
  • Breaking industry news can require immediate action;
  • Businesses and consumers respond differently to stories that can appear one day in industry media, such as Modern Healthcare, and explode the next day in mainstream media.

From medical devices to healthcare software, Mower has the expertise and experience to help you produce high-quality and compelling stories and content, navigate shifting landscapes, anticipate opportunities and swiftly execute communication campaigns for maximum business impact. Our ability to measure such impact helps you hone your marketing spend for maximum effectiveness.

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Medical-tech clients

The Disruptors

That’s the central question behind The Disruptors, a new web video series created by Mower and MassDevice. Focusing on disruptive technology and innovation in Mower’s core practice areas – medical technology, clean-tech and high-tech – the series features leaders of companies challenging accepted practices in their industries talking about what their companies are doing to solve these challenges and change the conversation.

Our medical technology series is co-produced by MassDevice and Mower as part of our new content partnership, which focuses on the minds behind some of medical technology’s most disruptive innovations. These visionaries have changed or are going to change the world through disruptive medical technologies and processes. View the entire web video series on the Disruptors page.

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