Technology Marketing

Deep experience with technology brands means “we get it”

  • Is your product well differentiated?
  • Are your stories credible and memorable to your target audiences?
  • Can your sales team tell the story with passion and clarity?
  • Do your materials, electronic and print, show the company, products and services in their best possible light? Do you use media, including online video, to send clear messages with compelling calls to action?

Whether launching a revolutionary new technology or planning updates to your high tech product or service portfolio, successful IT marketing campaigns begin and end with effective branding and communication.

Mower’s integrated marketing team works with complex technologies every day, including hardware, software, and a wide range of information technologies and services. Whether you’re reaching into the enterprise or seeking new SME or SMB customers, ask us about our successes in BI, CRM, BPM, ILM, data networking, security, storage, virtualization, VoIP, wireless systems, and numerous embedded systems niches.

Our expertise in B2B PR and branding for high tech companies is coupled with our experience over the last 20 years. With a high tech roster of clients from enterprise software and hardware to cloud computing and services, our b2b marketing services have delivered results that build business.

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Some of our High Tech Clients

High-tech clients

EMA Boston Mass Robotics Case Study

Hub of Robotics

MassRobotics (and Mower) is betting on the next global evolution of robotics.

EMA Boston Amazon Robotics

Robotics Station Domination

Mower created an advertising campaign promoting the thriving robotics industry.

Cambridge Technology

Modernizing Cambridge Technology

Cambridge Technology partnered with Mower to modernize their brand and update all platforms the brand touches.