Meat Pants

Dear Boillog,

I am in a state of absolute laziness when it comes to physical activity right now. Maybe it’s the fact that I am getting older or, that I am occupied—doing what I think are more important things. I think it’s because I love to eat.

I often find myself enjoying my food so much that I have no control on how fast I eat. I will try to pace myself with others, but before I know it, the food is gone and I want more. I truly feel like I am wearing the Meat Pants.

Meat pants is a term some of us use on those days when we feel like we have completely let ourselves go. You eat so much, that afterward, you feel the guilt and ask yourself, “what did I just do?” It’s when you need to be wearing pants that have an elastic band around the waist so they will comfortably fit you. It could be after an order of Tri-City’s gigantic batch of french fries, or KH’s infamous Chaco Taco expeditions, or a weekend meatfest at a backyard BBQ.

Do you have a remedy for losing the Meat Pants or do you have a favorite dining spot that ensures the Meat Pants will come out?


Mr. Meat Pants

Matt Gustavsen

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