Memorable Football and Powerful Marketing

Last night was a big night for New England. The Super Bowl was back and forth and for most of the second half and it wasn’t looking good for our beloved Patriots. But when rookie Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass intended for Ricardo Lockette in the last minute of the game, victory was ours!

When we look back on Super Bowl XLIX years from now we’re likely to remember a few amazing things that happened in Arizona last night:

  • Bulter will forever be remembered as the rookie who helped the Patriots’ secure their fourth Super Bowl win since 2001;
  • Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady further solidified his position as one of the best – if not the best– quarterbacks to play the game;
  • Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott crushed her performance and almost stole the halftime show from Katy Perry; and
  • The ridiculously-expensive advertisements that we all look forward to each year actually conveyed powerful, emotional and sometimes heart-warming messages.

Wait, what?

That’s right. We finally moved beyond girls in bikinis and boring car commercials. Sure, there were still a few luxury car brands showing off their latest sexy and sleek model, but there were fewer than in years past.

katie couric

Kudos to the two car brands that actually stood out this year: BMW and Chevy. BMW’s i3 spot with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel was awesome; it combined humor, generations of innovation and strides in energy efficiency. Maybe the next commercial in the campaign will show Allison explaining i3 and Katie Couric twerking.

Chevy’s blackout prank on the entire country was also brilliant. The thought of every household and bar across America panicking when this ad came on is hysterical.

Chevy – 1, America’s viewers – 0.

BMW and Chevy were on a different creativity level this year but the commercials that really won the audience were the ones that pulled at our heartstrings and opened our eyes to difficult topics.

The best commercials showed:

dom violence ead

  • How “play like a girl” is something females young and old should be proud of; and

always ad

cocacola ad

These commercials showcased a deeper kind of message and hopefully advertising teams will continue to strive for this level of complexity and emotion in future Super Bowl spots. They added a new human element to the game that, in my opinion, is often overlooked. I’m not suggesting we get rid of all the other entertaining commercials because believe me, I truly enjoyed when Avocados from Mexico shined the spotlight on a sloth–a first in species history–but let’s keep these real, sometimes uncomfortable, messages in mind for future advertisements.

Millions of people watch the Super Bowl every year and there’s a good chance a few of these difficult messages will resonate with a viewer or two. Who knows, these high-profile commercials may even change–or save–a life.

What was your favorite commercial? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @hb_agency.


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  1. You hit the nail on the head. For me, the Katie Couric ad blew the rest out of the water… but then, I think I’m right in the intended target audience. The half-time show left me utterly unimpressed, but of course I clearly wasn’t the intended target audience for that one!

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