Michelle Perroni on Job Hunting in 2010: Fresh Ground #20

FG_Podcast_Ep_20.jpgMichelle Perroni had a PR challenge: she had to sell a young client to a marketplace filled with news, noise and more noise. Who was her client? Herself! Michelle had recently graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho, and found herself job hunting for public relations agency jobs in a saturated market. How to stand out? Her tactic: take out an ad on Facebook.

Fresh Ground principal Todd Van Hoosear, not one to click on many ads, was intrigued enough by her approach to click on her Facebook ad, and wondered if it had led to any job leads or other opportunities. They spoke yesterday by phone from her home in the Houston area about her search, social networking and public relations.

While the ad hasn’t led to an offer yet, she’s netted nearly 400,000 impressions, 761 click, and emails from all over (including Fresh Ground and Edelman, among many others) after her $100 five-day run. She targeted based on interests (e.g., PRSA, social media, journalism) and agencies. If you have a job for her, tell her I sent you!

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