My ever-changing friendships

David Carr discussed Facebook in his weekly New York Times column this week and hit a few points that I have pondered.

First of all, yes, I am on Facebook. I explored it a few months ago as part of my ongoing research related to Hart-Boillot’s continued expansion of its digital offerings. Already on LinkedIn, I wanted to get a better sense of other social networking sites.

Although my group of Facebook friends is rather limited, it has fostered closer relationships with that group (including my high school-aged cousins, a new friend, and college acquaintances). In his article, Carr questions how blurred the line between your personal and work personas should be. Carr suggests that one should either be strategic in your posts or selective in your friending. Like Carr, I am neither, but must admit that I have not sought out work-related friends and have not received any such friend requests. Would I accept a friend invitation from a client or an editor? Absolutely. I enjoy knowing about their lives and would welcome them to join my online world.

On Facebook? Feel free to friend me. With a name like Perrin McCormick, I am pretty easy to find.


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