New Office + Green Choices

Within the past year, we’ve been pushing the limits of our current space, squeezing more and more team members into a small footprint. Naturally, we started the search for a new office.

We’re days away from moving into our new space at 134 Rumford Avenue in Newton. This is the first space where we’re designing a custom build-out – a huge step for the company. As we are a creative and public relations firm, we needed the space to be functional, yet unique and full of character. Much of this is achieved through the exposed ceiling and beams, our flooring selections, high-sheen concrete, funky carpeting in work areas, and rubber flooring in the conference room. We’re proud to be using rubber made from 100% recycled tires that normally would be thrown away.

Keep an eye out for photos revealing the new space scheduled to be completed next month.

Christine Tesseo

About Christine Tesseo

Christine has professional experience in event marketing design, print, environmental graphics, brand development, web development and project management. Her conceptual thinking, technical expertise, and creative vision blend together to deliver thought-provoking on on-message creative, resulting in the desired outcome within tight deadlines.

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