Insisting on Quality

The complex clinical trial industry is plagued by delays and errors despite myriad checks and balances to maintain the proper flow of information.

Generating and submitting clinical trial data resembles an intricate manufacturing process, where quality is critical at every station in the assembly line.  Simply accelerating the conveyer belt to create more parts faster can wreak havoc on quality.

In the clinical trial arena, a single submission error can cost up to seven weeks of trial delay, millions of sponsor dollars and the potential loss or exclusion of patient data from a trial.

AG Mednet, a provider of disruptive technology services to all participants in the clinical trial continuum, tells a story of quality to its industry. Rather than focusing its message on the line items its technology can address, the company, through its CEO Abraham Gutman, shows how quality control can speed up trials, reduce errors and save money and move the industry closer to zero-delay clinical trials. That’s an outcome any drug company can get behind.

Evangelizing Zero-Delay

In its publicity campaigns, AG Mednet challenges the clinical trial industry to make quality a critical factor in achieving zero-delay clinical trials. To do this, AG Mednet:

  • Delivers messages to clients and shares their responses on the new AG Mednet website;
  • Uses industry media as a platform to tell the Quality story and insist upon a solution;
  • Advocates at industry events by moderating panels, managing sessions and delivering first-hand proof of how better quality leads to better results.