How Do You Get Around the Gatekeepers?

Aquanima wasn’t a new player. A division of the Santander Group, the company had ten successful years as a European leader in spend management – eSourcing, eProcurement, outsourcing and consultancy. But when it came to the US market, Aquanima was a new kid on the block.
At a time when financial institutions are under increased bottom-line pressure, and high-level executives increasingly difficult to reach, Aquanima needed to rapidly establish its brand and secure meetings with decision-makers in the right companies.

The results of the campaign have exceeded the goal by 260%, resulting in substantive conversations with the very executives best-suited to select Aquanima services.

Aim Small, Miss Small

Mower decided to focus on:

  • the companies and people who presented the greatest opportunity for success;
  • the message that would resonate with this skeptical group; and,
  • the communications channel that would break through the clutter of marketing clamoring for attention.

100 Banks with 300+ Branches

Mower worked closely with the Aquanima team to determine the conversion rate necessary to meet the company’s goals. Given Aquanima’s extraordinary success in financial services companies on several continents, we targeted a carefully selected audience of 100 banks in North America.

The unique hook? A direct line to Aquanima’s CEO. This hook became part of a dimensional mail campaign designed from the ground up to stand out from the barrage of marketing and sales campaigns C-level executives receive every day. The ultimate manifestation of the hook was an actual cell-phone, pre-programmed with the personal number of Aquanima’s CEO.