Building a Brand Around a Revolutionary Idea

Veruna EMA Boston

Running an independent insurance agency is no small task, and the bulk of this work often falls to the software systems that these agencies utilize to manage every aspect of their accounts from sales to service. For years, these agencies have made do with software built on decades-old technology that rarely exceeds the compliment level of “adequate.” Veruna is different; they offer a unique, new from the ground up software designed by agency veterans for the modern independent insurer. With a revolutionary product in development, Veruna tasked Mower with development of the brand, its story, and the launch plan.

Competitive Research and Rallying Cry
Veruna was confident that its product was unlike any other in the market, but we needed to determine the best opportunity to break into a crowded marketplace and stand out amongst competition with decades of brand equity. As part of our Affinity process, Mower dove deep into the competitive landscape to understand the key competition and its positioning. With this understanding, and through 1-on-1 customer interviews and several client workshops, we developed a challenger positioning and rallying cry for Veruna: Change is a Myth if You Don’t Pursue It.

Brand Identity
Utilizing the rallying cry and brand messaging as a jumping-off point, we created a unique brand identity that echoed the core values of Veruna and its potential clients. Along with the development of the logo came a brand guide, launch materials, and brand website with which to launch the brand.

PR & Launch Strategy
As a startup with lofty goals, Veruna needed to make a big splash at launch. Mower launched Veruna at a key industry trade show filled with prospective buyers. That, coupled with media coverage in the major insurance and “insurtech” media, as well as an aggressive approach on social media, led to Veruna leading the insurance technology conversation. As the company continued to win industry awards, the PR team had even more fuel to tell the world about this new company and its vision.

Veruna EMA Boston

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