Modernizing Cambridge Technology

Cambridge Technology’s (CT) unparalleled talent and commitment to customer service makes it the premier partner for customized attention and long-term success. Even as a leader in the beem-steering industry, the company needed a brand update to reflect their specialized products and collaborative services. Cambridge Technology partnered with Mower to modernize the look and feel, as well as updating all platforms the brand touches. Mower guided Cambridge Technology through every aspect of marketing, from messaging to the design of their new streamlined website.

Cambridge Technology is the established leader in photonics and the inventor of galvanometer-based scanning technology; however, legacy alone is not enough to continue moving forward. Competitors seek to press their advantages on several fronts, claiming superior engineering talent, better quality equipment or lower costs. These threats are real and credible. In addition, issues — some real, some perceived — impact Cambridge Technology’s reputation in the market.

A refreshed brand is not the solution to these challenges; rather, this initiative is the outward reflection of internal changes to the organization. Updating the brand recognizes and communicates CT’s renewed commitment to leading the industry, resulting from aggressive alterations made in the last two years, including an expanded product line, improved manufacturing, enhanced consultative approach to solve application engineering challenges and new talent acquisition.

Mower created a new brand identity for the Cambridge Technology logo that is immediately recognizable and an aspirational representation of the company, its people and its brand.

The color palette intentionally diverts from the dark, heavy hues of the former brand in favor of a lighter, cleaner feel. Blues and grays are dominant, which exemplify the reliability and truth that clients can expect from Cambridge Technology. The cool hues are balanced by pops of warm yellow and orange.

Cambridge Technology’s new brand has been applied across all platforms. The innovation, reliability and quality they bring to the industry is represented in everything from the color palette to the PowerPoint layout. Cambridge Technology was effusive in their praise of Mower’s work and its contributions to building the business.

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