Showing, Not Telling, in Sales

Catheter Connections needed to arm its sales team with a simple way to show – not just tell – its complex story. The company’s sales process included two key steps:

  1. First, outside sales are performed by a disparate set of professionals that sell a range of medical devices for many companies. The company knew that the “sales meetings” often ended up as impromptu hallway conversations with nurses. And while each salesperson was equipped with a binder full of Catheter Connections’ key messages, the materials were not being used.
  2. Second, after learning of Catheter Connections, nurses needed to sell internally. They became a de facto sales force, communicating Cather Connections’ messages to their associates and superiors. Unfortunately, they had to rely on their recollection of hallway conversations, a tall task for busy nurses.

Mower designed an easy-to-use sales kit to help show the story.

  • The portable kit can be shown easily to prospects, regardless of the setting.
  • In addition to holding a sample DualCap product for demonstration, an easy-to-follow diagram appeared on the packaging.
  • A simple box includes the product and key messages, replacing a binder stuffed full of information.

The sales tool doubles as a leave-behind, so the hospital contact can easily repeat the story to new audiences.


Catheter Connections box top

Catheter Connections box side

Catheter Connections inside box

Catheter Connections box