Telling the EMC Healthcare Story

Saint Luke’s Health System is focused on being a meaningful user of healthcare IT and has advanced its shared computing infrastructure to deliver secure IT services more quickly and efficiently. But what was (and is) their strategy? Here, Debe Gash, vice president and chief information officer, and Roger Zaremba, chief technology officer, discuss exactly how they were able to use IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) and EMC solutions to improve St. Luke’s vast network of healthcare sites across the Kansas City region. By converting to ITaaS, they’ve been able to create a shared computing environment for more timely solution provisioning and the quick resolution of projects.

At Lahey, managing patient information is critical. In this video, senior IT executives discuss why Lahey views their relationship with EMC essential to their goal of becoming the “affiliate partner of choice” for regional hospitals and physician practices.

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