Hub of Robotics

Boston is the hub of robotics. The region’s unique cluster of corporations, scientific community, investors and educational institutions lends itself to serve as the epicenter for this rapidly advancing and maturing industry.

MassRobotics evolved due the lack of resources that new entrants to robotics need to grow and thrive.

From concept to creation, MassRobotics has thoughtfully built its profile on two fronts: as a think tank of leading roboticists and robotics companies, and as a physical space to house and nurture robotics start-ups.

Mower, which works with robotics and AI companies to solve their marketing challenges, ran alongside MassRobotics to help this organization create its brand and let the world learn of its mission.

From logo creation, rallying cry and messaging, website launch, collateral and designing the interior building space, Mower helped define the MassRobotics brand. And when it came to the public launch of its collaborative workspace, the Mower PR team helped MassRobotics make a lot of noise, with features in Bloomberg, TechCrunch, NPR and VentureBeat.

MassRobotics (and Mower) is betting on the next global evolution of robotics.

EMA Boston Mass Robotics Case Study


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