Infusing the Harvard Career Journey

Harvard’s Center for Workplace Development (CWD) provides programs and services to attract and develop employees at all levels. CWD facilitates the growth and engagement of an inclusive workplace to fulfill the dynamic needs of Harvard.

CWD was highly enrolled and frequently added courses to meet demand. Recently, classes were being cancelled and registrants were more frequently repeat users. Harvard partnered with Mower to fill the top of the funnel and connect with the 13,000+ staff.

We recommended a multiple touch point strategy to increase CWD’s enrollment and awareness goal. Simultaneously, we took this engagement as an opportunity to align CWD more closely to Harvard’s Human Resources brand. We developed a visual concept that highlighted Harvard faculty and staff that have participated in CWD courses. The strategy consisted of:

  • Recommendations for a better user experience for the online registration portal and ways to drive more traffic to the website and increase user interaction.
  • Infusing the campaign into the Harvard culture, way of life and manner of business.
  • Creating conversation and thought leadership through CWD’s social media platforms.

Through this engagement CWD’s brand was brought to life with a fresh new look, voice and personality. The program provided a means to establish relationships and connect with faculty and staff. From custom printed glass wall art to updated course presentations and guidebooks to profile stories on the website and social platforms, the campaign generated excitement and buzz.

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