The Combined Power of PR and Ads


About LEM
LEM’s wide range of current and voltage transducers measure electrical parameters and provide powerful information about how, where, and when electrical energy is used. This enables energy managers to make important decisions that will save energy and improve efficiency.


  • Scoured BPA statements, portals, web sites and offerings
  • Created a highly-focused advertising plan;
  • Ensured appropriate frequency and reach to keep LEM top-of-mind
  • Made difficult choices among a wide range of media
  • Negotiated hard for additional opportunities

The final media calendar included placements in North American Wind Power, Solar Industry, Advanced Battery Technology, Battery Power Products and Technology, Plant Services, Remote Site and Equipment, Machine 2 Machine, and Power Electronics Technology magazines over the course of LEM’s fiscal year.


While a small advertising campaign’s success is difficult to quantify, the LEM sales team reported a noticeable increase in receptive sales calls and a more informed prospect list, which they attribute to the combined power of the public relations and advertising initiatives.